Life Skills Workshops

Join Miranda from Hooves and Hearts and Alicia from Create My Garden as they give you an afternoon of life skill learning for your kids. 

Miranda will be doing a 45 min. workshop on horse care and what is needed to keep our horses happy and healthy. Hands on veterinary care will be taught in the workshop. 

Alicia will be doing a 45 min. workshop on what are seeds, how to start seeds, and planting seeds for the spring garden. 

DATE: March 25th

TIME:  3:45-5:30 p.m.

Hooves and Hearts
4841 East China Hill Rd
El Dorado, CA 95623

COST: $55.00

kids with a horse and watering a garden

Learn with Hands-On Fun

Bring your kids to an afternoon of double fun with 2 workshops at Hooves and Hearts where they will learn hands-on life skills for taking care of horses and starting seeds for gardening. 

March 25th from 3:45-5:30 p.m.

Seed Starting Workshop

Start your family garden indoors by growing your own plants from seeds with these 5 easy steps.

Learn how seeds sprout and grow to become thriving plants in your veggie garden.

Horse Care Workshop

This workshop covers your horses' basic needs, required maintenance, and veterinary care. 

This will be hands-on learning and fun.

Connection Time

Bring a snack to share for our break time between workshops.

Kids will have a chance to meet others who have the same interests in hands-on fun. 

Expert Help

Miranda and Alicia will be available after the workshops to connect to help answer questions from their workshops. 

baby and mom brown horses snuggling
child with blue hat petting a brown horse

Horse Care Skills

During this 45-minute workshop learn: 

  • A horse's basic needs
  • Required Maintenance
  • Veterinary Care
girl planting parsley in clay pot
seeds sprouting in dirt

Seed Starting for Spring

During this 45-minute workshop learn:

  • Three parts of a seed and the growing cycle
  • Three stages of the germination process
  • Five important steps to growing seeds
  • Your child will plant seeds for spring 

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