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Are you looking to work with someone who loves to garden & wants to make gardening an everyday part of people's lives by providing the support they need to grow gardens well? 

Then you have found the right person! Use the contact box below to let me know how we can work together to make gardening an everyday event for people to master. 

Alicia Devore


Creating simple gardening systems to make kitchen gardens easy is what I do!

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If you want more ways to work with Alicia, then check out her media kit and see how you can work with her. 

Here at Create My Garden, we work with beginner to advanced gardeners who want to use a raised bed kitchen garden approach to gardening. Here are some of the resources & services we offer. 

90 min. Kitchen Garden Consultation $150.00

If you need a new plan or want to refresh your current garden, schedule a 90 min. consultation in person (if in the Sac. area) or via facetime.

With a consultation, you will receive a design plan for your new or current garden, a planting plan for the season, a list of plants, a lesson on seasons and what to plant, and a proposal for the full installation of the kitchen garden.   

Workshops/classes- price varies

Workshops are designed to make the experience of learning come to life. Workshops are centered around the health that the garden brings. Experience firsthand how to make loose leaf tea blends from the garden, use herbs to make remedies to stay healthy, or make miniature herb gardens in containers. Each workshop is designed so that the participant will experience the learning.

Products that support a kitchen garden design

Raised Bed Garden Kits, Kitchen Garden focused e-books, seasonal checklists, how-to videos are just a few of the things that our site has to offer you in your gardening journey. 

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