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Want to grow your vegetables, fruit, and herbs but don't have the space? Let me show you how to garden in small spaces using a planting vertically.

The Problem with Growing in Small Spaces:

Nina was excited to finally live in her own place. A little studio apartment, but it was hers and she loved it. She wanted to start growing her vegetables and herbs but wasn't sure where to start. She killed all of her houseplants, so she was a little worried about keeping things alive. But she decided to give it a try anyway.

She started by buying some soil and containers from the store. She read up on how to grow plants and followed the instructions carefully. She was so excited when her plants started growing! But then one day she came home from work and found that they were all dead.

She didn't know what went wrong. She had been watering them and taking care of them like she was supposed to. But maybe she just wasn't meant to be a gardener? She decided to give up on growing her vegetables and herbs but vowed to try again another time. And I'm so glad she did because using a vertical planter in small spaces is a great way to garden.  

The Solution to Gardening in Small Spaces

You have to be creative when you have smaller spaces to work with. Using pots and small raised beds that are easy to place in tight places can be a solution. Planting vertically on a wall, trellis, or fence can give you the room you need to grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs you want without taking up a lot of floor space. That's why this post is going to share how to use vertical planters to garden in small spaces.

What is a Vertical Garden & How do you Use it in Small Spaces?

Many vertical planters need lots of support and extensive attention to keep it going. But the benefits of using the height of your location is a great plan if you want to garden in small spaces.

I recommend a Greenstalk Vertical Planter to take away the hardness of planting vertically and minutes each day to take care of once the plants are planted. I'll share more about the Greenstalk further down. For just a moment, let's take a look at why growing vertically may work for you. 

My top choice for a Vertical Planter for small spaces-

A Greenstalk

Reason # 1- 

Easy to plant and maintain 

  • Once the soil is placed into the planter with the plants for that season, it is easy to maintain as the plants are just growing
  • Harvesting takes just minutes
  • Easily accessible to your living space
  • Reason # 2

    Watering is Quick

  • 20-30 seconds to water from the top tier for all 30-40 plants
  • Designed to water plants throughout the whole Greenstalk with efficiency
  • has a drain hose for excess water
  • Reason # 3 


  • Seeing a Greenstalk growing is a beautiful thing
  • Add greens to your surrounding with this vertical planter
  • Reason # 4 


  • These planters are made out of BPA plastic and come in different pocket sizes, and you can get 3-5 tiers per Greenstalk.
  • Many vertical planters are very expensive
  • 5-year warranty and are durable
  • What are the best types of crops to grow in a Greenstalk Vertical Planter?

    Herbs like thyme, parsley, and green onions will last in your Greenstalk vertical planter for two years or more. Basil lasts for the summer season but does well in this vertical planter.

    Larger herbs like lavender, mint, rosemary, oregano, and sage are not good choices for a Greenstalk. Their roots get very large.

    Fruit like strawberries do amazing in a Greenstalk. So amazing that I have 2 Greenstalks full of strawberries.

    Greens like lettuce, spinach, and greens like kale & chard doing well in a vertical planter. Root vegetables like beets, carrots, & radishes all love to grow in a Greenstalk.

    And smaller fruiting veggies like a variety of peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes grow well. 

    What are the disadvantages of a Greenstalk Vertical Planter?

    It is difficult to grow vining and large plants like watermelons, squash, pumpkins, pole beans, and indeterminate tomatoes. These vegetables need larger root space than is available in a Greenstalk. They also need a lot more room to expand.

    A vertical planter is used for smaller to medium-sized plants. This gives everything you are growing their own space to grow.

    Is it difficult to maintain a Greenstalk Vertical Planter?

    No, it's not. It is so easy to water & harvest that it takes just a few moments each day.

    Keeping your plants healthy is easy in a Greenstalk as you add organic liquid fertilizer into the top tier and when you water, the water distributes the nutrients throughout the entire planter in 20-30 seconds.

    When you are ready change plants out for the different seasons, then add a handful of organic compost to the existing soil and break up the roots from the past plant. Add the new seedling into the pocket and finish off with more compost and a little sprinkle of earthworm castings.

    What exactly is in a Greenstalk Vertical Planter & Why Get one?


    What is a GreenStalk Vertical Planter?

    • A tower of 3-7 stacked tiers starts 
    •  Each tier holds 6 to 7 plants
    •  Requires little attention
    • Can start harvesting immediately after planting
    • Can plant seeds to grow lettuce or root vegetables
    • Easy to water from the top
    • Moveable with rollers

    Clients Using Greenstalks

    Here's how the Greenstalk Vertical Planters have helped two clients who thought they would never be able to have a garden. 

    Client #1

    A client wanted to start a garden but had little time, money, or space. I suggested she buy a GreenStalk Vertical Planter which would allow her to grow herbs and vegetables in an easy set-up with great soil near your house. 

    With all these problems solved by one device - this customer now enjoys fresh food right at home while saving valuable moments spent outdoors during her busy days. It's never been easier to maintain a garden in her small Los Angeles space. 

    Client #2

    The client wanted to have fresh herbs year-round and close by her house. As a result, she bought a GreenStalk Vertical Planter which allowed us to plant perennial herbs like thyme or biannual parsley right next door in addition to annual cilantro & basil plants they could be enjoyed throughout different seasons.

    Since it's easy to access with the rollers she now has a system that is simple and works for her. Walking outside on her patio to get organic food has made this beginner gardener more confident in her skills and excited to learn more.


    What are the different Greenstalk Vertical Planter Choices: 

    Useful Accessories for Small Spaces: 

    The Mover

    The mover has wheels and allows you to move the vertical planter so that different parts of the planter get sun. It is an additional cost, but very worth having. 

    Greenstalk Plant Support

    The plant supports help to trellis and stake larger plants like tomatoes, peppers, and bush beans. These are easy to take off and store when not needed and are a wonderful addition to growing more types of food. 

    Mix Up the Sizes

    And the cool thing is that the tier and the original can all be mixed so that you can have both sizes in one Greenstalk.  You don't have to compromise and only pick one size, it is customizable to what you want to plant. 

    compare levels

    How does it Work?

    • Decide which GreenStalk Vertical Planter would work best for you and what you would like to grow
    • Check out the accessories to the Greenstalk like the movers, plant supports, and covers to add to your order
    • Order the GreenStalk on their site GreenStalk Gardens & use this affiliate link $10 Off Purchase of $75 or more using this link
    • When it arrives, buy soil, compost, and seeds and plants to grow
    • Spend an afternoon putting together your GreenStalk & planting for future harvests
    • Water as needed- In the summer months, I water once a day. The rest of the year, I water once or twice a week depending on the need. Check twice a week and harvest as you check! 
    • At this point, enjoy the harvest and health benefits that a GreenStalk can provide.

    Want to Learn How to Plant a Vertical Garden in a Weekend?  I'll show you how!

    Short Videos with downloads

    Easy instructions, guidelines, & checklists make this garden come together in a weekend.

    Simple Garden Steps

    From the beginner to the novice, these simple steps will make growing a garden happen quickly.

    Support to plant a garden in a weekend

    Use these short videos & downloads to accelerate the process to create a garden in just a few hours.


    In Conclusion:

    The Greenstalk Vertical Planter is a solution to how to use vertical planters to garden in small spaces. It's high quality, customer service has been amazing and it gives you flexibility all year round!

    I highly recommend especially coming from the experience of having 5 Greenstalk Vertical Planters for the past 2 years and loving them more with each season. I hope that you find places and spaces even in small spaces to grow some of your food too. 

    As shown above, a GreenStalk works with keeping gardening simple. With one source of watering that takes about 20-30 seconds to fill, easy access to harvest, close to the house, it’s a gardening win for you no matter what size space you have to work with.  As with reviews from other gardeners, the Greenstalk is one of the best choices. 

    This blog post contains affiliate links, this means if you click on a link and go on to buy the product I recommend, I will get a small commission, but you will not be charged a penny more – thanks in advance!

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