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Have you ever wanted a garden to be simple?

You're in the right place.

Do you live in a small space, too small to have a garden? 

No time to take care of a garden?

Not sure where to even start?

No experience with gardening except a desire to have fresh herbs & veggies?

Use this guide & checklist to start your garden with simple gardening methods & spend less time trying to figure it out by yourself. The vertical planter is a space saving way to grow fresh food. Start by getting the guide and checklist and grow from there.  

vertical Planter

Quick Start Guide & Checklist

Simple Gardening Method Guide

The Simple Gardening Method guide will give you a basic framework of what helps a garden to grow. Use these guidelines to grow in your vertical planter. 

FAQ's about Vertical Planter

What is a vertical planter? What are some components to the vertical planter that need explanation? Here on this fact sheet, you will get the answers to help you begin this gardening adventure with vertical planters.

Supply List for Vertical Planter

The supply list will make simplify buying the products needed for your vertical planter easy. Take this checklist to your local plant nursery to get your supplies.

Set up your Simple Vertical Planter with a Quick Start Guide & Checklist

Start growing your own food with this easy free Vertical Planter guide & checklist to begin gardening today. 

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Hi, I'm Alicia

Create My Garden

Kitchen Garden Teacher & Passionate about Helping Moms Learn Gardening with their Kids

As a teacher for over 20 years and a homeschooling mom for over 15 years, Alicia comes with experience to make the garden a place that you can learn how to grow with your children. She has spent years developing the Simple Gardening Method and has a desire to help others learn the skill of gardening, especially those who have a small space to grow. 


What is a Vertical Planter?

A Vertical Planter has plants growing vertically. Using a vertical planter like a Greenstalk allows for you to grow up to 36 plants in one small space. 

How does your guide help me?

Using the Simple Garden Method guide will give you the basics of how to grow with success. The FAQ page & the checklist of materials needed to start a Vertical Planter will give you a place to start by bringing the list with you to your local plant nursery to know exactly what you need. This eliminates the guesswork and gives you more time to set up the planter and start growing. 

Would a Vertical Planter fit in a small space?

Depending on the type of Vertical Planter, you can put these types of planters in small spaces with great growing success. They can grow many types of plants that will grow successfully in a Vertical Planter. 

Can I grow herbs & veggies?

Herbs like basil, thyme, parsley, cilantro, green onions, and dill are great to plant as well as many other herbs in a Vertical Planter.  Depending on the season, growing lettuce, spinach, greens grow well during cool seasons like spring & fall while bush beans, small tomato varieties, & peppers do well in the summer months.

Set Up your Simple Vertical Planter with this Quick Start Guide

Use this quick guide & checklist to jumpstart & simplify your gardening experience by using Vertical Planters.