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Now that you have activities to help you taste how amazing fresh food is, what about learning how to grow food, one container at a time?

Learn How to Grow Your Own Food with Your Kids

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Imagine effortlessly starting a garden with your kids in a container & the joy of watching your kids learn to grow one thing at a time!

Grow Together: Seasonal Mini-Courses for Family Fun

Parents, are you searching for a fun and educational activity to share with your children? Look no further! Our "Grow Together" activities offer three engaging mini-courses that guide you through growing plants in containers for each season - spring, summer, and fall.

Why "Grow Together" is a Great Investment:

  • Seasonal Learning: Each course is tailored to suit the unique growing conditions of spring, summer, and fall. 
  • No backyard? No problem! : These courses are designed specifically for container gardening.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Each course comes with clear, step-by-step instructions that make gardening simple and fun, even if you've never planted anything before.
  • Educational and Engaging Activities: There are fun activities to keep your kids engaged and excited about their growing plants.
  • On-Demand Video & downloads in Lessons: Learn at your own pace with our short, informative video lessons. 
  • Minimal Materials Needed: You won't need to invest in expensive gardening tools or materials. 
  • Lifetime Access: You can revisit the courses at any time. 

What's Included in Engaging Mini-Courses

  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • Printable gardening guides
  • List of recommended plants for each season
  • Tips for maximizing small spaces
  • Strategies for engaging children in gardening

Boost Your Gardening Confidence Together

Discover how to create a blooming garden together, even in the smallest of spaces. An engaging activity and life skill for you and your kids.

Know what to Plant for Each Season

Learn what grows in each season in a container.

Ready to start your container gardening journey and eating fresh, home-grown produce?

Join these 3 Seasons of Container Projects with Kids' Mini-Courses today

Now Only $27

What Other People are Saying

pots with plants

"I felt like the information in the mini-courses were easy to follow for my whole family. We had fun doing the projects and didn't feel overwhelmed."

Jessica, from Texas

pot on a porch

"As a grandmother, I was looking for something special to do with my grandkids when they visit. The 'Grow Together' courses were just what I needed. Each season we start a new container garden project and the kids love it!"

Ruth, from Northern CA