Resources to Make the Kitchen Garden Simple & Easy for YOU!

Ever dreamed of a garden to pick your produce or flowers from each day?  Or maybe you have tried a garden & have hit up against barriers that have taken the joy out of gardening and you are tired of it. 

The solution is a raised bed kitchen garden to the rescue!  And I have resources to help you along your way.  Click the button below to add your email & get free access to freebies added each month specifically designed for Kitchen Gardens. 

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Kitchen Garden Consultation

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Book a consultation for a new Kitchen Garden or renew a garden space that is already in place.  In a Consultation, you will find the direction needed to make your dream of growing your own food and bringing a sense of peace & beauty by using the Create My Garden system with support along the way. 

Order a Raised Bed Garden Kit

If you live in the Sacramento-El Dorado region (excluding Tahoe), then a raised bed GARDEN kit can be ordered & delivered to you

Create My Garden LLC is located in Northern CA. We are not shipping products, but hand-delivery of kit ordered if you live in the Sacramento- El Dorado Regions (excluding Tahoe). 

Check out the 3 options for ordering the kit to fit what matches your needs

Click the LEARN MORE link below to see the 3 options & what each option includes. If you have any questions, use the link to contact us. We would be happy to help you in the process of deciding what kit fits for you!

Set up a date for the order to be delivered & you get to create your dream kitchen garden with all the materials ready to use!

We will contact you to find out the best date to deliver your kit to your home. You will then have the opportunity to DIY your kitchen garden to fit your family's needs with all the supplies ready to put together!

Workshops Offered

Workshops are designed to make the experience of learning come to life. The workshops are centered around the health that the garden brings to others. 

  • Workshops bring the garden to life
  • Experience first-hand how to make products that bring health
  • Designed for you to be the learner 
  • At a location in the El Dorado/Sacramento Region
  • Schedule to have a workshop in your home or at your business

Loose-Leaf Herbal Teas

Make an Herb Container Garden

What to make to stay Healthy

Resources that will be coming soon.....

Gardening for Kids Curriculum to help with learning how to garden in your homeschool group or as a family

Levels of gardening online classes to improve your gardening skills & become an expert!

Monthly to do's to help make kitchen gardening a breeze

Habit trackers to help the garden become a great part of your everyday health

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It's time for you to have the resources & support you need to start & keep a Kitchen Garden producing for you 3 seasons out of the year. Stay connected to what is new for your garden adventure each week. 




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