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3-Day Seed Planting Challenge Course


In 3 video lessons, learn how to set up a grow space to start planting your own seeds indoors, know what to plant and when according to your frost dates and average temperatures, and finally get a schedule of what plants need to then go in your outside garden. A 19 page download included to help in your seed starting adventures.


DAY 1- Where and what to set up:

  1. Why start growing your own plants.
  2. What stops people from growing from seed. 
  3. Materials needed for success. 
  4. Where to set up a grow space.

DAY 2- When to know what to plant

  1. When to plant
  2. What to plant
  3. Difference between direct seeding out in the garden & starting seeds indoors.

DAY 3- How to take care of what you plant

  1. How to plant seeds.
  2. What to do after the seeds sprout.
  3. When to repot & why that is important. 
  4. When to add to the garden.


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