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60-minute In Person Garden Consultation


60-minute refresh your garden consultation in-person if you live in the El Dorado/ Sacramento Area of California. The price of the consult may be higher if depending on the distance of your home from Create My Garden.

-You will be able to eat delicious, homegrown produce all year long and not waste money buying your produce at the grocery store

-You will have a successful garden next season and build on your success with each season.

– I’ll provide you with a summary of the consultation so that you can look back on it as needed

-You will know what to plant and when so that you can maximize your garden’s potential

-You will be provided with a plan of action filled with useful links

-You will save time and energy by getting what you need at the beginning of the growing season

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60-minute refresh your garden consultation in-person.

You want to garden but don’t know where to start

Even if you’ve gardened before, it’s always helpful to have a refresher course – especially when it comes to the timing of things.

I’m here to help! In just 60 minutes, I’ll provide you with the essential components for setting up your garden for success. You’ll learn all about the timing of the seasons and what you need to plant when in your vegetable patch so that everything turns out as planned. After our consultation, I’ll provide you will a customized planting plan for next season, a written summary of our meeting so that you can look back on it as needed, and a plan of action filled with useful links to help troubleshoot any hiccups along the way. Don’t miss out on growing the garden of your dreams today. Book a consultation.

Price may go up depending on the distance from your home to the Create My Garden base.