Plant a Garden in a Weekend

Using a vertical planter & this online course, planting a garden couldn't be easier. 

Short Videos with downloads

Easy instructions, guidelines, & checklists make this garden come together in a weekend. 

Simple Garden Steps 

From the beginner to the novice, these simple steps will make growing a garden happen quickly.

Support to plant a garden in a weekend

Use these short videos & downloads to accelerate the process to create a garden in just a few hours. 

No Time for a Garden? Well, I have a solution.  With a Vertical Planter a garden you can plant your garden in just a weekend. 

Have only a little time to plant a garden? No space to grow anything that you can eat? Would you love to have organic herbs ready to use close to your kitchen?

We've got you covered. Take this two-hour workshop to set up your Greenstalk Vertical planter on a Saturday, filled with plants and ready to eat from by Sunday. 

  • I have a small space. 
  • Gardening is too hard. 
  • I just want fresh herbs. 
  • I don't have much time. 

How does this work?


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After signing up, you will get immediate access to all three modules of the online course with short videos & downloads


Order Vertical Planter

Use the videos & downloads to help you decide how to order your Greenstalk Vertical Planter according to your needs.


You Have a Garden

Buy your soil & plants & watch the videos to know how to plant out your vertical planter. Have a garden in less than an hour by planting it out.  

Garden in a Weekend with a Vertical Planter Course

With Short videos that show you how to make this an easy garden to grow especially in a small space, this course is a weekend project win. 

Finish your garden in less than an hour after following this course to save you time in starting your garden with confidence.

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Here’s What People Are Saying 

"The videos are super helpful." 

Loved your tips and the bonus content and am very much looking forward to my fall planting.

The downloads will be a good tool and resource I can go back to.

I would recommend it to friends. It was very helpful without being full of gimmicks or excessive content. Your knowledge and passion come through in your videos and passion is always contagious.   

 Linnea S. 
ready to plant

No Garden Skills

We are a family of 7 and started Alicia's garden online garden class with no garden skills.

We have loved learning alongside our kids on what healthy soil looks like, what plants need, and how we can successfully grow some of our own food. It's been so calming and enjoyable for us all.

New to Gardening

What You’ll Get During This Course

The online course is set up so that you will have a vertical planter garden filled with a soil blend, plants for the season, & be able to harvest the same week you plant, all in a short period of time. 

  • A welcome video with specific tips for the vertical planter  
  • Check lists & guides to help you get your supplies needed for the workshop day
  • Video lesson on seeds & transplants for the Vertical Planter
  • All the information needed to make this a quick garden success
  • Calendar to know what to plant & when 
  • A list of herbs, flowers, fruit, & veggies to plant
  • Basics of taking care of your plants
  • Bonus #1- Herbs in a vertical planter
  • Bonus #2- Strawberries in a vertical planter
downloads for Vertical planter

Step 1

Sign Up & Get Supplies

Step 2

Order the Vertical Planter 

Step 3

Plant a Garden in less than an hour

What's the process like?

After signing up for the workshop, you will get immediate access to the course.

In the course, you will get all the information needed to get your vertical planter & supplies so that you are ready to plant in less than an hour.  

Bonus lessons have been included with downloads on growing herbs and strawberries in your vertical planter to help you continue growing through the seasons. 


What you get with this online course & downloads to create an instant garden.


47 (value $57)

  • Grow Calendar for Vertical Planter
  • List of Plants to Grow Each Season
  • Cheat sheet for Amendments
  • Guide to Basic Plant Care
  •  Video of seeds & transplant care
  • Checklist & guide of what is needed
  • Short videos to lead you through planting process
  • Bonus: Herb Guide for Vertical Planter
  • Bonus: Strawberry Guide for Vertical Planter



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi


What Kind of VErtical Planter Should I Get?

There are a lot of different varieties of vertical planters on the online market. I recommend a Vertical Planter called a Greenstalk. It is economical, efficient, space saving, and durable. In this workshop, I will be putting a Greenstalk together. If you have a different kind of Vertical Planter that uses soil, you can use that planter, but the example you will see will be for the Greenstalk. 

How will I know what to plant?

In the course, you will be getting a cheat sheet of what to plant in the Vertical Planter and in what seasons those plants will grow best. For the workshop, we will be planting herb, strawberries, & summer vegetables. But the cheat sheet will have what to plant in the cool and warm seasons also. 

What if I have never grown anything beore?

You are in the right place. This course takes the beginning steps into gardening by using easy to grow seeds or transplants from your local nursery to make gardening easy. For more information about gardening, check it out HERE.

You can then learn about seed starting indoors later HERE after you have mastered growing in your vertical planter. 

Why do you recommend Planting in a vertical planter?

A Vertical Planter uses a small space & can have over 30 plants growing. The watering is done quickly, and the planter needs little attention. By having a Vertical Planter, you are creating a garden wherever you have enough sunlight. You can be harvesting


I'm Alicia.

Planting Vertically has created space to have herbs, strawberries, & veggies close to her kitchen. Knowing that she never has to go the grocery store for fresh, organic herbs again.

Alicia has been gardening for over a decade using organic methods in both Southern & Northern California. She is a certified Gardenary consultant & designer. Her passion is to help families create & grow gardens in their own living spaces.

Helping beginners become gardening experts is what she is great at doing. If you are wanting to garden with your kids, check out this 12-week program from nothing to harvest. 

A Garden in a Weekend

Gather your supplies, your vertical planter, and let's get a garden started together! Find more resources HERE