Start a Garden with your Kids with 4 Simple Methods

This 4-part series has videos & downloads that guide you through the basics to gardening with success.

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About Simple Gardening Method

4-Part Method of Gardening

  • 4- Units of learning with videos & downloads 
  • Basic principles that produce success in your garden
  • No time wasted with time-tested approaches to gardening

Downloads & Guides

Each lesson has easy to follow downloads that can be printed for personalized garden journaling & graphic organizers with information from the video lessons. 

Short videos

Each of the videos are packed with information in comprehensible bite-sized sections. 

Activities to start gardening

Each unit of learning has an action plan to help your family start gardening using successful strategies. 

Keeping Gardening Simple

Garden Guide to Help You

Time is valuable. That is why I created this 4-part series to help jumpstart you into the basics of gardening so that you can make the most of your time. 

Our kids grow up fast & learning the skill of gardening is a great thing to do together. The time that I had with my kids gardening have been some of the best times in my life. 

Being outdoors, watching things sprout & grow brought life in our backyard & with each other. 

(This is a picture of two of my kids, years ago starting our first garden in a raised bed.)

The Basics of Gardening

  • Learn the Simple Gardening Method Basics for success in 4 lessons
  • Don't struggle with finding the right info. It's all in one place for you. 
  • Getting this course will give you the option to get the 12-week expanded Simple Gardening Method for a very discounted price
  • Life-time access


What they say

Jen D. 

Beginning Gardener

"We are true beginning gardeners, so much so that we had no idea of what to plant, how the soil needs compost, and when to grow. This class has taught us so much! 

We went from killing everything to growing plants and keeping them alive. My kids have loved the planting. My 13-year-old son told me one day after planting, 'Mom, thanks for letting us do this. That was fun.'

Not only does Alicia organize the online class well, but she cares and is very involved in the success of your garden. We love this class and have learned sooo much!!"

Jen B. 

Homeschool Mom

"We are a family of 7 and started Alicia's garden online garden class with no garden skills. We have loved learning alongside our kids on what healthy soil looks like, what plants need, and how we can successfully grow some of our own food. It's been so calming and enjoyable for us all."

About Me.

I'm Alicia DeVore.  I love to teach & I love to garden. Putting these two favorite things together has given me the opportunity to put courses & materials together to help the beginner garden thrive in their own gardens. 

I would love to be a part of your gardening adventures by providing you what you need to be successful.