Grow a Garden with Your Kids without the Hassle: Join these Fun and Easy Courses Today!

Three different learning options for growing a garden. Get ready to make unforgettable memories as you watch your garden come to life with your kids. 

Choose the Best Educational Pathway for Your Family: 

Grow a Garden in
12 weeks- online with weekly zoom class

The Simple Gardening Method with Kids course is set up to walk your family through growing a backyard garden. In this 12-week course offered in Fall and Spring.

  • Access to 12 weekly online lessons with downloads
  • Weekly zoom times for students  
  • Parents private Facebook Group 
  • Fall & Spring Sessions
4-Week Seasonal Gardening-
self-paced online

Do you only have a few weeks in the year to grow a few things? Start by signing up for these seasonal online courses where your student learns at their pace about what to grow each season with success. 

Use for Life Science Lessons, life skills learning, or for a fun project to expand your student's knowledge of growing their own food. 

Do at your own pace. 

4 different Learning Seasons offered.

In-Person Classes- 

for 12-week class

If you live in the El Dorado/ Sacramento County area, Alicia will be teaching a 12-week course in-person at the Foothill Learning Academy on Mondays starting in September 2023. 

If you are in a charter, look to see how to get classes through vouchers below. 

K-3 Growing Plants for Life: All about garden plants and garden creatures

4-8 Backyard Garden Design and Planning

About Alicia @ Create My Garden

I love teaching and helping kids, families, and plants to grow. I am a teacher with a master's in education and have been homeschooling for the past 16 years and teaching classes. After years of gardening with my kids, I have a dream of making a veggie garden a reality for every family.

I teach gardening life-skill classes that bring learning to life for the neurodivergent student. I believe that students learn best by hands-on activities. Read more about growing with your kids and the benefits HERE

What better way to learn how to read and apply science than by interacting with the world and putting what is being learned into practice. Watching a garden grow and learning the life skills to make that garden come alive are useful life skills that will last a student for a lifetime.

4-Week Gardening through the Seasons Online Courses: 

summer gardening

4-Week Summer Gardening with Kids

Is your child ready for a green-thumb adventure this summer? 

Look no further! In this exciting 4-week online summer gardening course, specifically designed for elementary-aged kids your kids will learn to grow summer veggies to success

Access exclusive lesson downloads with the weekly online videos in this hands-on, self-paced course. 

  1. 1
    Week 1: Best plants to grow in summer 
  2. 2
    Week 2: Observation skills & growing tomatoes
  3. 3
    Week 3: Growing beans & cucumbers
  4. 4
    Week 4: Growing pumpkins for Fall 
fall gardening

4-Week Fall Gardening with Kids

Experience the fun of growing a garden by understanding the fall season. Use this knowledge as your student dives deeper into knowing how to grow in the fall. 

Enjoy growing a lettuce to make your own salad and learn the basics of growing carrots and other root veggies. 

Access exclusive lesson downloads with the weekly online videos in this hands-on, self-paced course. 

Find out the benefits of growing with kids HERE

  1. 1
    Week 1: Temperature & What to Plant in Fall
  2. 2
    Week 2: Be a Soil Doctor & Testing Your Soil
  3. 3
    Week 3: Growing a Lettuce Garden
  4. 4
    Week 4: All about Root Veggies 
spring gardening

4-Week Spring Gardening with Kids

Unleash the budding gardener within your elementary-aged children with our fun, interactive, and educational 4-week Spring Gardening Class for Kids. 

Access exclusive lesson downloads with the weekly online videos in this hands-on, self-paced course. 

  1. 1
    Week 1:  Photosynthesis & Spring Garden
  2. 2
    Week 2:  Growing Peas & Regrowing Trash
  3. 3
    Week 3: Pollinator Garden & Planting Spinach
  4. 4
    Week 4: Hummingbirds & Growing Strawberries

Nick - add a thrivecart ability to purchase these 4-week courses separately. We need to add to the thrivecart that people can buy now and the courses will be available Mid- aug. 2023 for full access. 

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What Parents are Saying

I have always wanted to start a garden with my children but get so overwhelmed at the thought of starting it since I consider myself to have a black thumb. So I am super excited about using this gardening course with my children. The videos and course content are beautifully made, and I can tell everything is laid out in an easy step by step manner which will make it so much easier for someone like me. I plan to use this in the fall in our homeschool once we start up again.

Kristin Escalera● Homeschool Mom & Business Owner

Alicia is an amazing instructor who communicates so well with children keeping them engaged and motivated. She is a walking encyclopedia of gardening knowledge and her availability to consult and dream and troubleshoot problems is truly incredible. I can’t say enough good things about this course and I’m so happy my kids took it and are now ready to blossom into productive gardeners! 

Cathy Yassa ● Busy mom of 7

"We are true beginning gardeners, so much so that we had no idea of what to plant, how the soil needs compost, and when to grow. This class has taught us so much! 

We went from killing everything to growing plants and keeping them alive. My kids have loved the planting. My 13-year-old son told me one day after planting, 'Mom, thanks for letting us do this. That was fun.'

Not only does Alicia organize the online class well, but she cares and is very involved in the success of your garden. We love this class and have learned sooo much!!"

Jen D. ● Planter killer to plant bloomer