Tired of Killing Everything You Plant?  

Get Ready to Kickstart Your Vegetable Garden with a Consultation!

Have a garden that isn't producing to the level you wanted?  Want to plant a garden but don't know where to start?  Let me help you get your garden started off right.  We'll work together to get it growing. 

How a Kickstart Consult Works....

Ready to get started on your garden, but don't know where to begin?

Let me help you save time and energy with a kickstart garden consultation. 

Say goodbye to starting over each season because nothing turned out right! With this kickstart garden consultation, get ready to start growing your own food with confidence and no green thumb required!

Stop waiting around and book garden consultation today and grow success this season. 

  • Get a Plan of Action to know what to do next for your garden.
  • Learn the plants that will work best in each season for greater gardening success. 
  • Know Step by Step what to do to get your garden growing. 
  • Step into confidence as you start or restart your gardening experience. 

What's Included in Your Kickstart Consultation

This garden consultation is a kickstart into getting you ready to garden. After this consultation, you will receive the recording of the consult, a setup checklist with resources, a planning strategy to know what to do in steps, and a planting plan for the approaching season. 

How to setup a vegetable garden

Find out what has been stopping you in the past in growing a garden and what you need using 4 essential components for setting up for success so that you can create a garden that is flourishing, vibrant and abundant.  Discover the basics of knowing what grows in each season so you don't waste precious time and resources on things that will never grow. 

setup checklist with resources

Receive a setup checklist that is specific to your garden needs so that you can manage your garden with ease and confidence. This will give you expert knowledge so that growing a garden is no longer a mystery to you. This will provide you a quick reference to get what you need without searching for a solution. 

a planning strategy for growing your garden

A step-by-step strategized plan for starting and growing your garden designed so that you have a garden plan that is tailored to your garden space and needs. With this plan you will know exactly what you need to do to start your garden. 

What to grow in each season

Get a lesson on understanding the timing of the seasons and what to plant in each season for success so that you won't waste your planting time or space. Ever wanted to grow fresh tomatoes and didn't realize that you can't plant when the temperature is below 70 outside? Find out about the plants you want to grow and when to grow for optimal growth. 

Planting plan for next season

Receive a UNIQUE planting plan of what to plant now so that you're ready to jump into gardening with a plant for success.  This plan uses every space of your present or future garden to maximize growing your own food. 

What Clients Say

Thanks for my garden consultation.
I learned so much about the synergy of our property in regard to seasons, when to plant our vegetables, and herbs on our plot of land.

The plans you created incorporated everything we wanted and mentioned in our future perfect garden.

Thanks to your expertise and knowledge We now have a garden that will not only provide a suitable amount of food, but a refuge to escape the busy world and find peace. 

Heather C. Encouraged Gardener

Alicia is a walking encyclopedia of gardening knowledge and her availability to consult and dream and troubleshoot problems is truly incredible.

I can’t say enough good things about her time and energy towards helping me garden. I’m so thankful I had a consultation with her and look forward to many years of gardening because of her encouragement, knowledge, and help. 

Cathy Y Busy Mom with lots of kids

Kickstart Consultation

Zoom or In Person Garden Consultation 

Zoom consultation

45-Minute Zoom Consultation



  • Checklist with resource guide
  • Step by step plan
  • Access to the Recorded Zoom Session
  • Guide with what to plant each season
  • Planting plan specific to you
In Person consultation

El Dorado County, Sacramento, CA Area Residents





  • Checklist with resource guide
  • Step by step plan
  • Alicia comes on site
  • Guide with what to plant each season
  • Planting plan specific to you
  • Sketch of your future garden plans

About Alicia

Alicia spent years as an educator and homeschooling, which led her to discover gardening as a crucial aspect of her life.

With an education master's degree, certification as a Gardenary designer and coach, and currently pursuing horticultural certification from UCLA, she leverages her passion for gardening to assist others in cultivating their food.

Alicia offers guidance on leveraging seasonal benefits, simplifies garden setup into four manageable steps, and provides resources to enhance confidence. Her mission is to demystify gardening, making it more approachable for everyone. She believes in empowering individuals to grow their food.