Grow Your Own Ingredients to make Smoothies Every day!

Smoothie Bar Garden Guide- a plan that will get you growing your own food to use in a smoothie. Be in control of what you eat & where you get it from. 

  • Save time by going out to your garden to pick your ingredients
  • Save money by growing organic food for your smoothies
  • Use this guide to create a no stress garden
  • Always have access to healthy food 
  • Know where your food is coming from 

Usually $21

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Do you dream of growing a garden, but not sure where to start? 

This Smoothie Bar Garden Guide is for you.....

Step 1: Make a Plan

  • What are basics in making a garden grow?
  • Make a list of things that will help you grow your smoothie bar. 
  • Use the Simple Gardening Method to step by step help you know how to create an environment for success in your future garden
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Step 2: Know when & what to plant

  • Plan out your ingredients for your smoothies
  • Use the seasonal growing chart to plan out when you can grow those things throughout the entire year
  • Use the guide of things to grow to give you confidence to grow 

Step 3: Where to Plant

  • Use the worksheet for each season to make a plan
  • Space out your plants so that you can plant as much as possible
  • Keep these plans for future seasons to refer back and expand on what works
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Step 4: How to Harvest

  • Get confidence in knowing when to harvest for your smoothies
  • Learn how to use the cut and come again method of harvesting
  • Use succession planting to grow continually throughout the year
  • Use the checklist to harvest to help you harvest each week

Step 5: Smoothie Recipes from the Garden

  • Learn tricks to preserve your harvest to use later in the year
  • You get two basic smoothie recipes that you can tweek to use with whatever you are harvesting
  • Be encouraged to get creative with your smoothies, your garden, and your health. Use these recipes to have fun using what you are growing.
  • Grow in confidence to grow and use what you grow on a daily basis
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The smoothie plan is a great tool to help a busy mom (and new gardener like me) not feel overwhelmed. From the seasonal planting charts to the recipes, this is a great way to get your garden organized and get on the road to growing and making your own healthy smoothies."

Cathy Y., Homeschooling Mom

It's very detailed and thought out. I don't like making smoothies, but you made smoothies look interesting."

Jen B., New Gardener

Why I created Smoothie Bar in Your Garden

About Alicia

As a busy homeschooling mom, I don't have time to waste. 

Having access to fresh, organic food footsteps from my kitchen was why I created this resource. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to grab the veggies, herbs, & fruits you need to create a healthy smoothie for you and your family? The time saved, the money saved are just two reasons why I made this resource. 

I also wanted to make something that was useful & easy to follow. 

Even if you have never gardened before, use this resource as a stepping stone into gardening. Use pots, plant in the ground, or use a raised bed, it doesn't matter what it looks like, what matters is that you are growing your knowledge in gardening & using what you grow. 

Hope you enjoy this resource. Hope to encourage you with more resources to grow more all year long.