Gardening Classes for Kids:

Learn How to Grow a Successful Garden Together

Whether you know how to grow a garden or not, give your kids the life skill of growing their own food.

Go from zero to veggies in 12 weeks. 

Don't waste another season that you can spend time learning how to plant together.

  • Do you want to start a garden, but don't know where to begin?

  • Do you dream of having your kids pick food out of the garden to eat?

  • Do you want to see your kids learn responsibility & see the garden as a great space to start? 

  • Do you not want to waste your time failing at growing a garden? 

You are in the right place.    

I used to be that mom who killed every house plant within a few weeks.

When my 10-year-old son asked many years ago to start a garden, I had to decide that teaching him the life skills of gardening was so valuable that I would push past the failure to try to make it happen. As parents, it's important to support our children's interests and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

That first season of gardening was full of failures. I wish that I had help to know what to do next. Parents can play a crucial role in guiding their children through these challenges and celebrating their successes.

And that’s where the Simple Gardening Method™ with kids comes into your life. It’s more than just a basic gardening course. It’s a gardening course for beginners as families.

Simple Gardening Method™ with Kids

This Simple Gardening Method takes beginner gardening families and helps them become confident backyard gardeners.

Ready to start your own garden & produce your own food as a family?

 In this 12-week online course you will have:

  • weekly video lessons & downloads
  • gardening strategies for a successful garden

  • know the best location for a garden

  • understand the type of soil needed

  • how to water consistently

  • what plants to grow in each season

  • hands on activities such as planting, watering, and harvesting

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Here’s what you get after successfully completing this course: 

1. Organic, healthy food that you and your kids have grown in your garden.

2. Quality time planning, preparing, and harvesting together using this gardening for beginners course.

3. Time outside together, exploring nature and fostering a connection to nature, instead of time on devices.

4. A sense of responsibility and fun in taking care of the garden.

5. Knowing how to keep the garden producing and growing all year.

This is what you get when you sign up: 

Weekly Live Support with Zoom option

Weekly Q and A times with Garden Coach & Teacher, Alicia DeVore. Never feel like you are learning alone. The online gardening classes are for you and your family to have a space to ask questions and get immediate answers. 

Online Teaching & Materials to Support

Short video lessons are downloaded each week with worksheets and cheat sheets to make the learning experience connected. These materials focus on teaching the science of gardening, including life science lessons and practical science experiments. There is only one cost for the entire family for this program. You won’t need other online gardening courses to get your garden growing.


Lifetime Access

Always have access to the course. Updates and added materials will be part of this course. You can then use the course on own pace to continue the learning. 

Simple Gardening Method™

Using the Simple Gardening Method, you & your kids will have the know-how to garden with skill.  With this course, you have access to the best online gardening classes. 


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Here’s what people are saying about the course

From a few beginner gardener moms: 

Jennifer B.

Beginner Gardener

No Garden Skills

"We are a family of 7 and started Alicia's garden online garden class with no garden skills. We have loved learning alongside our kids on what healthy soil looks like, what plants need, and how we can successfully grow some of our own food. It's been so calming and enjoyable for us all."

Jen. D.

Homeschool Mom

"Thanks for letting us do this!"

"We are true beginning gardeners, so much so that we had no idea of what to plant, how the soil needs compost, and when to grow. This class has taught us so much! 

We went from killing everything to growing plants and keeping them alive. My kids have loved the planting. My 13-year-old son told me one day after planting, 'Mom, thanks for letting us do this. That was fun.'

Not only does Alicia organize the online class well, but she cares and is very involved in the success of your garden. We love this class and have learned sooo much!!"

Here's What's in the Course:

Each week builds your knowledge & understanding as your garden grows.


Phase 1: Setting Up Your Garden

During this phase, the Simple Gardening Method will be the focus to find the best location for your garden, what kind of soil to use, how to water consistently, and how to know what to plant for each season according to where you live. 


Phase 2: Planting & Seasons

The second phase focuses on learning how to plant with seeds to start indoor gardening, how to get transplants ready to grow in the garden, & what helps with bringing more success in the garden. 


Phase 3: Growing & Learning

As the course continues, learning to take care of the garden with lessons on good and bad insects and how to protect your garden, how to extend the seasons to grow most of the year, and learning about Victory Gardens from the past and how they relate to our present vegetable garden.


Phase 4: Harvest & Enjoy!

Throughout the entire course, the garden journal provided will give your kids a space to enjoy the garden & breath in the peace of a garden design while vegetable gardening. During the last phase of learning of the garden, learning how to harvest and enjoy making recipes together as you and your family grow into becoming an experienced gardener.


Weekly Zoom class is a part of the course for 12-weeks. 

Use this weekly time to get questions answered so that you will move forward in gardening. 

Also get additional bonuses below. 

Bonus 1
Onboarding Call

($29 value)

To start the experience off, I will be scheduling a call to find out more about you and your kids dreams for the garden. 

I will have questions that will help me get to know your needs and address those throughout the course.

This experience is more than an online course, it is a time for you to know that you are supported in this gardening adventure. 

Bonus 2
Weekly Live Q & A's 

($150 value)

Weekly Live times that you and your kids can join during the summer to ask me gardening questions. With a small group of families, we will have the time to talk about solutions to gardening problems that you might be having.

There will also be access to me through the course & by email to ask questions as things come up during the week with your online learning.

Never feel like you are doing this alone.

Bonus 3
Private FaceBook Group

($75 value)

You will be given access to the private facebook group with other moms whose kids are taking the course or have already gone through the 12-week course. 

By being in this group, you will have a place to ask gardening questions and connect with other moms and Alicia to come up with solutions or help gardening together. 

 Let's Start Gardening

This course includes 12 weeks of weekly Q & A Zoom times with the access to the teacher for support during the 12 weeks of gardening together and continued support through the Facebook group in these online courses.

Online Course with zoom class support

Prices are per family

$249 x 1

One-time payment


$83 x 3

1 monthly payment of $83 for 3 months

  • 12 weeks of learning
  • Lifetime Access
  • Live weekly zoom for 12 weeks
  • Downloads for Learning
  • Weekly video lessons
  • Private Facebook group for moms
  • Onboarding call

Get to know your teacher,
Alicia DeVore

As a certified teacher, with a master's in education in reading, Alicia taught many years in the public school system before coming home & homeschooling her own children for the past 17 years. 

She started gardening over 10 years ago because of her son's desire to learn. That garden brought so much joy, fun, and food that Alicia continued to learn gardening skills and practices to create her garden dreams. 

Wanting to help others learn to garden and to keep it simple, Alicia got certified as a Gardenary Coach & Designer and started to create gardens for others. But that desire to make this information accessible to everyone, especially the mom who wants to learn with her kids has been a driving force in creating & teaching this course.

Everything is laid out in an easy step by step manner. 

Kristin Escalera- homeschool mom

I have always wanted to start a garden with my children, but get so overwhelmed at the thought of starting it since I consider myself to have a black thumb.

I am super excited about using this gardening course with my children. The videos and course content are beautifully made and I can tell everything is laid out in an easy step by step manner which will make it soo much easier for someone like me. I plan to use this in the fall in our homeschool once we start up again.

cathy smiling


Alicia is an amazing instructor who communicates so well with children keeping them engaged and motivated.

She is a walking encyclopedia of gardening knowledge and her availability to consult and dream and troubleshoot problems is truly incredible. I can’t say enough good things about this course and I’m so happy my kids took it and are now ready to blossom into productive gardeners! 

Cathy Yassa homeschooling mom of 7

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take each week?

Each week you will watch short videos (usually 10 to 15 mins) with your kids to learn the basics of building a successful garden. The lessons have downloads and recommended read-alouds that are helpful in making the gardening experience hands-on and comprehensible. You have the choice on how much you want to have your kids do in the course. 

The more you follow through with the simple gardening method, the more your garden will take shape and grow.

What kinds of materials do we need to start a garden?

That depends on you and your family's garden plans. The lessons have many options in where to grow a garden. After the lessons, your family can use the information to make decisions on your garden and what you will need.

During the zoom times, you can ask about materials in more detail, and we can work through those together. 

If you need more resources, you can find more information on the blog. Here is a post on the Best Gardening Books

What age group is recommended for this course?

You can definitely garden with younger children, but the videos and activities are geared for kids 5 years and up. I have families with Jr. highers taking the course who are also learning and enjoying the garden. 

How will I get my gardening questions answered?

A live zoom time will be scheduled on a regular basis with checkpoints throughout the course to help you get questions answered. 

Can I really expect to have a garden growing?

If you follow the Simple Gardening Method than you will have a garden growing using steps and techniques that create spaces for a garden to grow. You will get all the information to have a garden growing in the season. 

You also have access to blog posts and information that will help you along the way like the one on seed starting HERE.

What if I don't have a green thumb?

This course is for you!  With the right simple system in place, you will advance in your gardening skills by gaining confidence with each lesson. Other people will be coming to you for gardening help as you progress in your skills. This course is the beginning of always having a green thumb! For gardening journal to start you off, check out this blog post. 

 Let's Start Gardening

This course includes 12 weeks of weekly Q & A Zoom times with the access to the teacher for support during the 12 weeks of gardening together and continued support through the Facebook group.

For Kids K - 8th

Online Course with zoom class support




Per Family

  • 12 weeks of learning
  • Lifetime Access
  • Live Weekly Zoom for 12 weeks
  • Onboarding call with Alicia
  • Private Facebook Group for moms
  • Downloads for learning

For Teens

Online Course with zoom class support




Per Family

  • 12 weeks of learning
  • Lifetime Access
  • Live Weekly Zoom for 12 weeks
  • Onboarding call with Alicia
  • Private Facebook Group for moms
  • Downloads for learning

Let's Start a Garden!

You and your kids can have a garden full of peace, life, and food. 

With the Simple Gardening Method, a systemized gardening experience, you and your family can learn a life skill that will continue to grow throughout your lives. 

Don't grow a garden alone.

Don't waste time. 

What you need to get started with success is in this course. 

Alicia DeVore

Garden Coach & Teacher at Create My Garden

Create My Garden