Have you ever wanted to garden but felt like you didn't have the time?

 Create My Garden is here to help. We show different ways to make gardening easier so that you don't have to find time, you follow the help, and it doesn't take much time to garden.

 With our easy tips and tricks, anyone can find the time to enjoy gardening! Imagine being able to spend more time relaxing in your garden instead of working on it. Also check out this blog post to find gardening books that will help you! And for more 10 minute gardening tips, check out this blog post. For inspiring gardening quotes, check out this blog post.

Follow any of these links to make gardening easier in your busy life!

Know what to grow in your fall garden 

  • Fall gardening starts before summer ends
  • A list of things reasons why you want a fall garden
  • A list of 11 fall favorite garden plants that you want in your garden
  • Use this list to make gardening quick and easy in the garden for fall planting
  • Check out this article on how to transplant seedlings for success. Or this one to know what to plant in cold seasons.

Take this mini-course to streamline your garden tasks to 10 minutes a day for each season 

  • Decide on the purpose for your garden
  • Systemized approach to gardening through the seasons
  • Planting plans for each season
  • Habit trackers to efficiently track your garden needs

Use these three planting guides to grow a garden all year

  • Take away the guesswork of what to plant
  • Use a raised bed garden 
  • Three different seasons of growing
  • Start your gardening adventure
  • Planting plans based on seasons & can be used in all locations

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