You Want to Grow Vegetables and Herbs but you don't have the space?

Now, you can grow your own garden even in small spaces with these unique resources to make it possible.
Create My Garden will help you build a vegetable and herb garden no matter how big or small your space is.

We'll show you how to choose the right plants, prepare them for planting, and maintain them throughout their growth cycle through our themed garden courses or check out main page for more resources. 

Check out these resources and get started on a garden to fit your needs today.


Want to grow your vegetables, fruit, and herbs but don't have the space

Read this to know how to garden in small spaces using a planting vertically.

growing fall & winter vegetable garden in containers

Read this to know that growing your food using containers or pots is cheap, easy, and a great use of time throughout each season no matter the weather, especially in fall & winter.

plant a vertical garden in a weekend mock up with download and computer in background

No Time for a Garden? With a Vertical Planter a garden you can plant your garden in just a weekend.Take this course & know how to start a garden in a small space.  

You've always wanted to grow your own tea, but you don't know where to start. Do you have enough room? Grow herbs for teas in containers.

Learn how to grow your own herbal loose-leaf tea with four short videos and a workbook.