Garden With Your Family

Gardening has been a dream of yours to do with your family but you don't know where to start. Start here!

Gardening is a great way to spend time with your family and get fresh organic food to your table. 

With these resources you can learn how to make gardening a part of your weekly routine that everyone will enjoy.

Start learning today how to create and maintain your own garden with your family.

Check out the resources on this page to get your family growing together or check out main page for more. 

child watering garden

Gardening is one of the hidden benefits that can happen with homeschooling. The daily, natural learning that takes place by having a garden, growing your own food, and watching it happen again for the next season is invaluable for a child's learning experience.

boy with three plants

The life skills that a garden gives your kids is irreplaceable. Find out what you gain as a family with having a backyard garden. 

Start building a garden and qualities that will last a lifetime. 

Why would a tired mom who barely has time to brush her teeth want to start gardening? 

Find out more here to see how a small garden can become a sweet space to get refreshed and renewed. 

Here is a post on starting a garden. 

  • Weekly video lessons & downloads 
  • Gardening strategies for a successful garden
  • Know the best location for a garden
  • Understand the type of soil needed
  • How to water consistently
  • What plants to grow in each season
  • Watch Video

    Find out more about how this course can help you and your family start a garden and grow your own food as a family. 

    What Will You Get?

    1. New skills to Garden
    2. Quality time with your kids
    3. Time outside in nature and not in front of a screen