Hey there, I’m Alicia!  

Creating, Designing, Coaching, & Teaching How to Grow a Garden. 


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How I Started Gardening

10 years ago, I lived in a tiny space in Los Angeles trying to homeschool my young kids.

Starting a garden seemed like a great way to teach, so with a few raised beds newly constructed, I started.

No experience, no knowledge, and no support. 

I failed miserably that first summer season with lots of yellow leaves and no fruit coming from any of my veggie plants.

It was after many years of learning, that I was able to create systems to make gardening an easy part of everyday life even in small spaces

yellowing squash plant in garden bed

That first season of failed gardening.

growing fall garden

After years of learning and growing.

If I would have had information, support, and help in those beginning years, I would have been gardening with confidence so much sooner. 

And that's what I want for you. I want you to have what you need to start your garden today.

Gardening has become a way of life for me. 

Spending just 10 minutes a day in the garden

is all I need to grow organic food for my family. 

I want this for you. To take the guess work out of what to plant, how to plant, when to plant. 

From online resources to one-on-one garden consultations, let me give you the confidence you need to create a garden in just a few minutes a day that will last you all year. Check out more info. HERE on gardening. 

me at computer

What Can Gardening do for YOU?

Every day I go out to the garden and breathe in life. It reminds me that life will be okay, things will pass that are hard, God is good, and I will make it. 

Life as a mom, as a wife, as a teacher got really hard throughout the years.

Having a space that I could be quiet and process my heart became a healing space.

The Garden.

Let me take you on this journey to having your own garden space to enjoy and have space to restore. 

Check out below to see how I can help you make a garden a reality all year long. And check out benefits of growing a garden with your kids HERE.

Get your garden started

Here Are Some Different Options

Option 1 - Kickstart Garden Consult 

New Gardens
Existing Gardens
  • One-on-one consultation either in-person (in Sacramento Region) or by zoom
  • Garden Plan for the next season
  • Advice on where to put the garden or help an existing garden
  • Lesson and a step-by-step plan on what to plant in each season

Option 2 - Explore This Site

Finding Time

Is it hard to find time to garden? Let us help by giving you tips and shortcuts to make gardening easier. Use gardening habit trackers & tools to utilize your time. 

 Gaining Knowledge

Not sure where to start with gardening? You are in the perfect place. Check out the resources to help you become a confident gardener.

Finding the Space

No space to garden? Let's explore different ways that you can grow especially in small spaces. Use the information here to have a small garden of your own.

Family Fun

Have you dreamed of learning how to garden with your kids? How about giving them the skill of gardening? Get hands on help & plant a garden in 12 weeks as a family. 

Option 3 - Get Some Freebies

7 Secrets to Gardening

I’m super excited to share the top 7 secrets I discovered on my OWN path to achieving gardening success

7 secret mock up
Seasonal Planting Plans

Want to plant a vegetable garden but not sure where to start?  Use these three planting guides for each season

Herb Growing Guide

Start here to know what herbs are easy to grow in a garden.  This guide will tell you what you need to get started today

3 Garden Themes for Kids

Includes 3 different gardens to start with your kids & you get to choose your own garden adventure to do together

materials in 3 gardens with kids

How To Help YOU!

Simple Systems for each season of gardening

Courses that can be done in one hour to help you create a garden

One-on-one garden coaching & designing available for your unique needs

Resources to make gardening an enjoyable everyday part of your life 

This will allow you to Grow Herbs Easily & with a simple plan to follow

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