7 Secrets to Starting a Garden for Busy People

EVEN if your garden attempts in the past didn't work

You CAN Do This. And I'm Here to Help

My Best 7 Tips to Creating a Successful Garden

I’m super excited to share the top 7 secrets I discovered on my OWN path to achieving gardening success. Let’s start with #1.

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Secret #1: Start Small

Use the space you already have to start a small garden. With this small part growing, you will grow your confidence in gardening.

Do you have some pots that you could start some herbs in? Do you have an existing raised bed that is full of weeds because you weren’t sure where to start?

Start with what you already have. Start small and add to your garden space with each season. Build that confidence & knowledge with each part of the garden.

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Secret #2: Find South

Location is the key to creating a space for your garden to thrive.

1) What direction does your current garden or future garden facing?

2) How much full sun will that space get during the summer and then during the fall/spring months?

Having a south facing garden creates a space where your plants will get the most sun exposure. Use the compass directions (click below) to start figuring out the direction your garden faces.

By figuring out the location, you will be giving your garden the best chance to grow. Your plants need 6-8 hours of full sun during the summer months and 4 plus hours of sun during the fall & spring months.

Secret #3: List of Food

What do you love to eat? What does your family eat lots of? What would help to grow that would make life easier for you?

Figuring this out before you start a garden gives you motivation and vision for why you are growing a garden.

Use this worksheet to brainstorm your favorite foods that you could actually grow and eventually save time and money by growing yourself. Click the button below to get this resource.

Secret #4: Rich Soil

The best choice for your garden spaces: use organic soil that is filled with lots of nutrients. 90% of your success in the garden will happen if the soil is full of good things to give back to the plants.

Without this crucial piece, nothing will grow as well as it should.

Don’t waste your time with getting the plants, picking the location, if your soil is really hard, packed dirt.

Here’s a one-page amendment guide to know what to put in your soil to help it be filled with things your plants need.

Secret #5: Plant All Year

Your garden can be planted and used all year long.

Can you imagine having organic salad from your garden 6-9 months out of the year? Or how about having kale all year for your smoothies.

Using your garden is an economical way of keeping healthy food close to you and accessible.

Your garden can have a plan for the year so that you know what you are going to put in next. No guess work needed. Download below.

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Secret #6: Plant Herbs

Start gardening by planting herbs. They are forgiving, can be forgotten, and don’t need a lot of attention.

As you start to learn to garden, adding herbs to your garden or starting with just an herb garden allows you time to learn how to take care of a garden that will be forgiving.

Use the time of taking care of your herb garden as a learning space to get ready to add to that knowledge for the next season of planting. Click the button below to get this resource.

Secret #7: Consistency

Go out into your garden 5-10 min. every day to check on things like watering, harvesting, or just watching your garden grow.

That everyday check-in with the garden gives your heart a space to breath & observe what is going on around you. This is a great time for you to have space to think.

By doing this check-in with your garden consistently, you will establish the secret that will help your garden stay healthy as you are able to notice what it will need. Click the button below to get this resource.

Who Am I?

I'm a busy, homeschooling, gardening mom of three who has found ways of making gardening simplified. I love teaching & learning & making things easier for you by providing information & coaching that will actually help you in creating the garden lifestyle of your dreams.

How I Got Here

Over 10 years ago, my oldest, who was 9 years old, said, "Hey, mom, let's start a garden." I had been homeschooling for many years, had a few more littles added to the mix & had never kept house plants alive. How could I garden?

That was the beginning of our gardening adventure as it has now become a safe space to learn, grow, & even produce food for me and my family.

But it didn't start easy. I had no friends who gardened. I didn't have websites that I trusted (I mean it was 10 years ago), I was starting to collect books to read, but they were long and lengthy. I started going to free classes that the local nursery offered every few months. I started practicing what they shared & I began taking classes on gardening.

I would finish the class or workshop and think, "How can I make this information easier & more accessible to the busy person who doesn't have time to do all of this?" And here I am, ready to help you have the most important 7 secrets in starting a garden for busy people.

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