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6 Amazing and Useful Gardening Books to the Rescue

As a beginner gardener many years ago, I didn't have the resources of useful gardening books that are available now. These 6 amazing and useful gardening books that are accessible to you now are incredible resources for any beginner gardener. 

These gardening books that I will be recommending would have been a great resource for me in the first few years of learning, failing, and trying again in the garden. And even now, I use these books to problem-solve for solutions in the garden. 

However, you can take advantage of these resources for greater and more successful results in the garden NOW. Check out the online course called Simple Gardening Methods with Kids where you can learn the basics of a successful garden as a family.  Pass on those skills as you learn how to garden yourself and use these books to keep your learning going! Here's why I love using beginner gardening books even with years of my gardening experience and training. 

Gardening Problems for Beginner to Advanced Gardeners

All of us have problems in the garden whether it's bugs to plants not fruiting like they were suppose too.   It's good to know that there is not just one set of solutions when trying to find out how to resolve gardening problems. I've watched my squash get what eaten those plants bare and dead the next morning not knowing what enjoyed their midnight snack. Many give up even after many years of trying (source). When I have these books as references, I can look up specific problems and try many different solutions (source).


How about when the peach tree leaves start curling in the spring and you have no idea what to do next year to stop this from happening?  This was me for a few years. I looked in my beginner gardening library of resources to find the solution and try a solution for one year, then I tired another solution from another book the following year until I finally had beautiful, healthy leaves on my peach trees (source).


From time to time, the weather changes up my plans for what to plant and when. Having information that is accessible at any moment to help me figure out what temperature I need to wait for the plants survive that particular time of year is essential to success (source).

Helpful Gardening Books for Beginners

For the most part, using these beginning gardening books helps me to plan for a summer, fall, and spring garden and even trying out new plants. This next year I will be starting to plant sweet potatoes and potatoes (source). This is new for me! And I have been using these books to help me know the direction I need to take to bring successful crops. 

For example, gardening problems can stop many from continuing in their gardening dreams. During covid, being home all the time, many started a garden (source). If you ask many of those people now if they still have a garden, many became so discouraged that they stopped gardening altogether. Having experts help you through gardening failures can bring you back to success in the garden. And these resources help in this way.

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Gardening Solutions using Amazing and Useful Beginner Gardening Books

Especially when I come up with obstacles that stop me from working in my garden, I can get easily discouraged. I often turn back to these beginner gardening books for problem-solving solutions to try. It may take a few times but knowing that these authors are experts in their field, helps me to trust their knowledge and try it in my garden too. 

Without a doubt, gardening can be a difficult skill to master, but letting other experts teach you through their resources is an excellent way to gain knowledge and more skill in the garden. These beginner gardening books have been a valuable way for me to excel in the garden from season to season and year to year. 

With this in mind, find one that will meet a need you have in your gardening adventure!

Pro Gardening Tip

See if your local library has these beginner gardening books. Check them out and make sure that they will be resources that resonate with you in your gardening journey. No use in spending money if you can check them out from the library or feel that they are not what you need at this time. We are all on different journeys when it comes to life and to gardening!

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Why Read Gardening Books to Help:

  • Trusted Sources 
    Easily accessible to you! When you can go to the bookshelf and find answers to problems from trusted sources.
  • Easy to Find Solutions
    Using the back of the beginner gardening books as references helps with finding solutions.

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Top 6 Favorite Gardening Books

Here are resources that have helped me get better at gardening & to simplify the garden. 

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

by Jill McSheehy

To begin with, this amazing resource is organized so that you can find what you need in a hurry. It is very easy to read and understand because the layout of the book makes gardening feel possible. The information is tested and tried by the Jill McSheehy and you can see her beautiful gardens on her website, youtube, and instagram. She also has a podcast that targets beginner gardeners in helping to understand how to grow specific plants in the right timing. This resource is informative and my top pick for resources. 

The First Time Gardener Growing Vegetables

by Jessica Sowards

Secondly, Jessica tells her life in a sweet story on her Youtube channel & now continues the story by helping beginning gardeners gain access to information that helped her as a beginner gardener. This book is fun to read, even as a seasoned gardener. I can just imagine I'm in the garden with her, exploring & learning together. 

The Suburban Micro-Farm

by Amy Stross

What is permaculture and how does it relate to the backyard garden? This book explains it all with clarity & ease. Easy to read permaculture style of growing food in your own backyard. A great resource to open up & try styles of growing while creating an ecosystem that supports growth. 

The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook

by Susan Mulvihill 

Moreover, this amazing resource guide has easy-to-follow charts to help determine what might be hurting or eating your garden. The information & pictures in this book help identify problems & insects that could be the culprits. I refer to this book frequently during the gardening seasons. 

Grow a Little Fruit Tree

by Ann Ralph

If you have fruit trees & are wondering how to prune & take care of your home orchard, then this is the book for you. I love the illustrations & easy to read text in helping me understand how to keep my orchard healthy & thriving. This book helps in growing your own fruit trees with clarity. 

The Family Garden Plan

by Melissa Norris

Melissa's ability to keep the garden planning simple in order to have a year's worth of food from your garden is presented with ease & clarity. Her heart to make growing your own food a reality with a plan is helpful & useful to any homesteader/gardener. 

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