Ignite Your Child's Senses & Start Curiosity for Growing Food

3 Garden Fresh Activities for Sensory Explorations

Attention Parents, Educators, and Homeschooling Families! Are you constantly on the hunt for engaging, educational, and fun activities for your kids? Are you concerned about their sensory development and their eating habits? 

Boost Your Child's Sensory Development

Our activities are designed to help your children explore the world of fresh food through sensory play. They'll touch, smell, taste, and play with fruits and vegetables, just like they would in a real garden. These hands-on experiences will not only boost their sensory skills but also encourage them to try fresh, healthy foods.

But wait! There's more. Our "3 Garden Fresh Activities for Sensory Explorations" guide is also a fantastic opportunity for family bonding. Spend quality time together, laugh, learn, and create unforgettable memories as you guide your children through each activity.

You don't need a garden to instill a love for nature and fresh food in your children. All you need is our guide, some fresh produce, and a willingness to get a little messy.

Remember, every journey begins with a single step (or in this case, a single bite!). Let's make that step together.

What's Inside? 

These activities are not just fun, they're educational too! They will help to enhance your child's sensory skills, encourage a love for growing food, and promote interest in fresh food. 

  • Easy-to-follow directions
  • 3 Fun and engaging activities
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • Encourages love for growing food

Ready to explore explore the world of fresh food through sensory play?

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What People Are Saying

strawberries growing on vine


Homeschooling mom of 5

"Alicia's approach to gardening has truly revitalized our family's perspective towards fruits and vegetables. Her lessons have not only educated us but also infused a newfound appreciation for nature in our daily lives. I am profoundly grateful for the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gained from her invaluable resources."


Grandma of 3

"This resource is a great way to introduce new veggies and fruits to picky eaters. And now I know it can be done in any season."


Mom of 3

"I recommend this resource in making eating fun with your kids. I appreciate having a guide to follow to make the time with my kids constructive and educational while having fun."

About Create My Garden

I'm Alicia, the Educator Behind Create My Garden

Hey there! I'm Alicia. I understand how hard it is to teach your kids healthy life skils into your everyday life. At Create My Garden, we believe in the power of hands-on learning. As a passionate advocate for child development, gardening, and bringing the learning outside, I hope to help you and your family engage with educational activities that encourage using gardening as a life skill and promote life learning. 

Alicia DeVore

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