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The Green Thumb Toolkit to Gardening is a 4-part guide created with the aim of simplifying the gardening process for beginners and those who may be struggling. This 27-page toolkit is packed with essential information, tips, and resources to help you overcome common gardening challenges. Here's what you can expect from each part:

  1. 1
    Guide to What to Plant Each Season (Part One): This guide demystifies the planting process by providing a seasonal breakdown of what to plant and when. It helps you understand which plants thrive in different seasons, ensuring that you have a growing garden all year round.
  2. 2
    Guide to Creating a Custom Garden Calendar (Part Two): One of the secrets to successful gardening lies in understanding when to plant. This guide helps you create a custom gardening calendar that aligns with your local climate and plant preferences. It assists you in planning out your gardening activities month by month, so you know exactly when to plant.
  3. 3
    Your Season-by-Season Essential Tasks Checklist (Part Three): This checklist is a practical tool that outlines the essential tasks you need to undertake in each season to maintain a healthy garden.
  4. 4
    Checklist of Essential Amendments for a Successful Garden (Part Four): This checklist provides a basic list of amendments that simplifiies growing.

What's Inside the Tookit?

  • Guide to What to Plant Each Season
  • Guide to Creating a Custom Garden Calendar
  • Your Season-by-Season Essential Tasks Checklist
  • Checklist of Essential Amendments for a Successful Garden

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What they say

One year, we managed to grow some pumpkins, almost by accident. Harvesting them and decorating was such a joy, especially since we didn't have to spend $$$ to buy them! However, every subsequent year was a disappointment because I relied on the packages and ended up planting too late. NOT THIS YEAR! With the information given here by Alicia, I've been able to figure out the optimal planting times. I'm confident that we're going to have our very own successful, thriving pumpkin patch. I'm eagerly looking forward to it!

lettuce green growing in rows in the soil

The Green Thumb Toolkit is incredibly comprehensive and well-explained! The downloads are excellent resources. I was particularly impressed by the detailed information on seasonal planting and harvesting. I can't wait to implement these techniques in my garden this year! The Green Thumb Toolkit has truly elevated my gardening knowledge and experience.

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Alicia DeVore, the driving force behind Create My Garden, is a skilled garden-growing specialist and passionate educator who makes gardening accessible and enjoyable for all ages.

She provides customized support and practical advice through digital courses or personalized coaching, aiming to build a deep appreciation for gardening. Alicia is a certified Gardenary designer, an aspiring horticulture certificate holder from UCLA, and a certified garden educator for schools via Life Labs. With a Master's in education, experience in public school teaching, and 17 years of homeschooling, she understands diverse learning styles and knows how to engage learners effectively. At Create My Garden, Alicia blends her love for gardening, teaching passion, and community-building skills to create a supportive environment for gardeners at all stages.

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