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What is the Gardening Success Bootcamp?

Our Gardening Success Bootcamp is a 3-part live series designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to plan for the next season of gardening effectively. Here's what you can expect:

Day 1.

Seasonal Planning Essentials

  • Understanding the Climate and Soil Needs for any season
  • Importance of Proper Watering and Sunlight Exposure

Day 2.

Garden Planning Mastery

  • Identifying Your Preferred Plants for each season
  • Using the Average temperatures for each month to know when to plant

Day 3.

Timing for Success

  • Understanding the Best Time to Plant next season with frost dates
  • With the information, put all the information together to make a planting plan

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About Create My Garden

I'm Alicia, the Educator Behind Create My Garden

Alicia discovered her passion for gardening after years spent teaching and homeschooling. Gardening developed into a pivotal aspect of her life, and she now utilizes her expertise to assist others in growing food. With a master's degree in education and certifications as a Gardenary designer and coach, Alicia is pursuing horticultural certification from UCLA.

She offers insights into seasonal advantages, simplifies garden setup into four easy-to-follow steps, and provides resources aimed at boosting confidence. Her overarching aim is to make gardening less intimidating more accessible and easy for the beginner to advanced gardener.

Alicia DeVore