Connect with your Kids through Gardening

Make gardening easy by choosing a garden to do together with your kids. 

3 garden projects to choose

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This Resource is for You if.... 

You are a Busy Mom

Do you have a lot going on? Is there no space in your day to pick up around the house let alone come up with a plan to start a small garden? This guide is an answer to what you need. Three gardens planned out to make gardening easy for you & your kids by not taking time away from your day. 

Need Something Fun to Do

With kids home for the summer, give them something fun to do that is outside and you get to do with them. 

Being outdoors helps the brain to relax & learn. Use the outdoors for your family's benefits. 

Want to Start a Garden with a Simple Plan

Not sure where to start this gardening adventure? This guide can be a first step into starting your own garden. Plan it out as a family & then have fun making it happen. 

3-Themed Gardens all included in one resource 

Make gardening easy by starting with a themed garden. 

Don't have much space to garden?

Not much experience in gardening?

Not much time?

This 18-page resource has guides, downloads, & information to help you get the most of a gardening experience together. Enjoy these garden experiences. 

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butterfly garden

Garden #1 - The Butterfly Garden

  • Set up an inviting environment for butterflies
  • List of what to plant to attract butterflies
  • Tips & Tricks to make a successful butterfly garden

pizza garden

Garden #2 - The Pizza Garden

  • List of vegetables & herbs to plant in the garden 
  • Tips to make this garden thrive
  • Planting plan to know where to plant your plants

growing a green bean teepee

Garden #3 - Green Bean Teepee

  • Detailed Instructions of what is needed 
  • A How to plant list for success
  • A plant observation chart to keep track of your green bean growth

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I'm Alicia DeVore

Alicia is a homeshooling mom for the past 15 years, a public-school teacher before becoming a mom, and an avid gardener. She has spent the last 10 years simplifying the gardening process for more to learn how to garden. 

She loves to bring gardening to busy moms who need a starting point & understands how hard it is to do this gardening thing alone. Alicia is excited about bringing you more resources & support through the gardening journey.  

Create My Garden Coach & Teacher

Real Success Stories

"We are a family of 7 and started Alicia's garden online garden class with no garden skills. We have loved learning alongside our kids on what healthy soil looks like, what plants need, and how we can successfully grow some of our own food. It's been so calming and enjoyable for us all."

Jen B. 

San Bernadino, CA

"We are true beginning gardeners, so much so that we had no idea of what to plant, how the soil needs compost, and when to grow. This class has taught us so much! 

We went from killing everything to growing plants and keeping them alive. My kids have loved the planting. My 13-year-old son told me one day after planting, 'Mom, thanks for letting us do this. That was fun.'

Not only does Alicia organize the online class well, but she cares and is very involved in the success of your garden. We love this class and have learned sooo much!!"

Jen D. 

Busy Mom

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