5-Day Lettuce Growing Challenge

Level Up Your Gardening Skills in Just 5 Days!

Join our 5-day challenge and say goodbye to past gardening failures. Learn how to grow lettuce successfully, understand abundant gardening information effectively, and master proper plant care.

Why Take the Lettuce Growing Challenge?

Ready to boost your gardening skills?  Join our 5-Day Lettuce Growing Challenge! This interactive and fun challenge will guide you step-by-step on how to grow your own lettuce.

Get daily instructional videos, detailed downloadable resources, and practical gardening tips.  By the end, you'll have a thriving lettuce plant and the know-how to grow other plants with confidence.

Join today and start your journey towards becoming a successful gardener!

What's Included in the Challenge?

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  • Daily short 'how-to' video guides
  • Detailed downloadable resources for each day
  • Friendly and helpful advice for successful lettuce growth
  • Easy-to-follow steps perfect for new gardeners

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Success Stories from Our Gardeners

For several years, I struggled with unsuccessful attempts at growing tomatoes. Finally, I decided to seek Alicia's expertise to identify my mistakes. Since then, my confidence in gardening has skyrocketed!

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I would definitely recommend this! It can be overwhelming when you don't know where to start and this lays out a plan step by step into manageable parts making it doable as well as providing resources and guides from start to finish!


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