Garden with your Kids by using Gardening Activity Cards

Getting kids outside in the sun and fresh air helps them to think, get energy out, and provides space to learn.

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Looking to make memories this year with your family?

14 fun activities that spark learning through garden fun even if you don't have a garden yet.

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Gardening with Kids Makes Memories

What do you get with these gardening cards?

4-part gardening system
Simple Gardening Method

The activity cards follow Create My Garden's 4-part system of growing a garden with success. Using these concepts will help your kids know what a successful garden needs. 

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Hands-on Fun

Working with plants and soil can inspire children to appreciate the natural world and develop a sense of wonder and curiosity. Use this section of the cards to explore fun.

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Use Cards for Problem solving

Gardening involves making decisions about what to plant, where to plant it, and how to care for it. This process helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Learn together what goes into making a garden. 

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Great Resource to use all year

Use the cards in whatever order you want in building your garden experience with your children. Spending time together outdoors has positive effects on mental health, reducing stress levels and improving mood.

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Hi, I'm Alicia

I love teaching and helping kids and plants to grow. I have been a public-school teacher, I have my master's in education with a specialty in reading. I'm a homeschooling mom for the past 16 years, and an avid gardener who dreams of making a veggie garden a reality for every family.

I teach gardening life-skill classes that bring learning to life for the neurodivergent student. I believe that students learn best by hands-on activities.

What better way to learn how to read and apply science than by interacting with the world and putting what is being learned into practice. Watching a garden grow and learning the life skills to make that garden come alive are useful life skills that will last a student for a lifetime.

Alicia DeVore

Spend time with your kids as you garden together using these Garden Activity Cards.

4-part gardening system
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Help get your kids excited about gardening by using our garden activity cards! These cards are filled with fun and educational activities that will have your kids engaged and learning all about plants and the environment.