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Season of Life and Stress

What season of life are you in right now?  Do you feel like you don’t have time to garden?  Let's talk about how to destress by gardening in all seasons of your life to benefit your heart. 

Would having a garden give you a sense of control over your food, eating, health, and bring you peace? After all, learning how to use the garden to destress in all seasons of life can benefits you and your family. 

Gardening using a Simple Method Provides YOU with Stress Reduction.

All in all, reducing stress from LIFE is a benefit for you and your heart when you utilize the beauty of the garden. 

Destress by Gardening!

After all, the amount of stress that impacts you each day is intense. According to a study done by Excil Journal of Experimental Sciences, says that stress "effects our central nervous system and can cause structural changes in the brain."

A small garden can help reduce stress & help you breathe. Another study done shows that gardening, "provide(s) experimental evidence that gardening can promote relief from acute stress," according to

Therefore, a garden fits into every stage of life to bring continuity and stress reduction. Watching things grow slowly, harvesting from your own space, all bring a sense of slowing down. This is crucial in a time when things can feel out of control. The garden space has a rhythm that creates that sweet whisper, "It's going to be okay. You are going to make it through."

In this post, I will be sharing how a raised kitchen garden with a plan can bring health, enjoyment, and stress-reduction at any stage of your life and how to make this simple gardening happen in your everyday life.

Living Life to Benefit your Heart in all Seasons

In reality, a garden can be a grounding space at any stage of life to combat the stress of life. I remember many times that a simple garden plan has helped me to de-stress & find perspective in life.

As a Young Mom

Unquestionably, as a young mom, gardening gave me a space to show my young children where food came from hoping they would fall in love with eating healthy things from the garden. As seen in an article by Michigan State University, gardening with children helps their development in "every stage of the process." I wanted that for my kids.

Mom of Teens

Undoubtedly, as a mom of teens, the garden has given me a space to breathe because they don't want to follow me out to the garden. They leave me alone and give me space when I run to my garden. Watching things grow that don't talk back to me is so refreshing!

Health Seeker

In the same way, as a health seeker, the garden has given me the ability to make health a priority through herbal teas, making tinctures, making infused oils, herbs for cooking, and organic food for health all from the garden. As seen on Healthline, herbs provide "powerful health benefits."

As a Provider

In the same way, as a cook (for my family), I have expanded my knowledge and learned how to use fresh organic food in my kitchen daily. Learning how to preserve from my garden to use later in the year has also been a gift to my heart. I have saved hundreds of dollars each month from my budget by cooking from my garden.

 As the Penny Hoarder site shares, "how a backyard garden could save you $500 on groceries," shares the truth into using the garden to save.  And I love the breakdown that Proverbs 31 Homesteading blog shares by giving the exact amounts of savings from her garden.

Becoming a Grandma

In the hope of becoming a grandma in the future (not yet!), I see the garden being a place where I can show my grandkids how things grow. I can bring continued health and beauty into life as the garden provides health for their future selves. 

A Garden that Gives

The ”Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein was a staple in my classroom as a third-grade teacher. I enjoyed reading to my students about a tree who gave a little boy unselfishly everything it had. The boy used the tree to have fun by climbing on it and swinging from its branches. He would eat the apples and rest under its shade.  

Later in life, as he grew up, the boy’s needs changed, and he used the tree to sell the apples, to build a house, and then a boat from the wood of the tree. Soon the tree was just a stump in the forest. The ending of the book leads us to the boy sitting on the stump of the tree and enjoying resting together.

In conclusion, this book's message is what a garden has done for me in each stage of life. It has provided protection, space to think, time to watch things grow and in turn has provided a place for my heart to destress. 

Stress Less in the Garden

Therefore, growing a garden can bring up images of people hot & sweaty, working the land. A garden can be hard work, but it doesn't have to be. Setting up a space that is compact, manageable, and accessible takes away the “hard” work of gardening. Check out how Create My Garden reduces the work for you through a consultation & installation.

Using a raised bed system allows the gardener control over the environment and makes it easy to plant, enjoy, and harvest instead of pulling weeds constantly, digging hard dirt, and fighting the environment.  Instead, gardening could be set up as a system that is simple and enjoyable for you!

Making Gardening Simple & Stress-free in Two Steps:

step 1
  • The set-up of your garden- Sun, Water, Soil

  • Sun:  the placement of the garden needs to have enough sun in all seasons to grow. For summer, 6 hours or more is needed. For Spring & Fall crops, 4 hours in the morning or afternoon is needed.

    Watering: Setting up a consistent watering plan is essential in each season

    Soil: Organic mix with compost

    step 2
  • The timing of your plants with the seasons

  • Knowing the high and low temperatures of your area is essential in knowing what plants will thrive during those times.

    A planting plan, a guide to walk you through those seasons, and extra HELP for knowing how to navigate pests, crazy weather, or harvesting is where I come in to support you.

    L-shaped garden bed

    Start with Raised Garden Beds for Simple Success

    For this purpose, the base of success with gardening comes with installing raised garden beds. The Spruce shares how to use raised gardening beds.

    Moreover, using raised beds is the key to the gardening puzzle gives you a garden that is controllable and manageable. The “hard” work is eliminated as the raised bed gives you control of the soil, the watering system, and the location. 

    Learning With Support to be free of Stress

    It can be hard to find support to learn gardening skills on your own. But you don't have too!

    Having access to materials that help you to learn to simplify the garden is what Create My Garden can help with.

    I  offer coaching sessions through the gardening process to make you a confident gardener in any season of your life.  Signing up for the weekly email (Here), the freebies will bring you value & reduce your time to figure it out on your own. 

    There are Resources from Create My Garden that can help you with each season of gardening to keep it simple.

    Also, if you have children, why not learn to garden together? Sign up below to either get on the waitlist (below) or start a 10-week online course called Gardening Foundations for Kids (& Parents too!). Click HERE to learn more about this amazing course that takes you through the foundations of gardening to help you create a kitchen garden of success with your family. 

    A Stress-free Garden has a place in Every Season of our Lives

    Everyone deserves a kitchen garden in all seasons of life. Having a simple plan to make that garden happen is something that is attainable and reachable. The garden can provide a space to destress from the hard of the world and bring your heart a place to rest. 

    Where do you see a garden adding life to you in this next season of life?

    Where can I help you in making this happen?

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