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Is your child ready for a green-thumb adventure this summer? Look no further! Join Alicia DeVore, an experienced gardener and passionate educator, in our exciting 4-week online summer gardening course, specifically designed for elementary-aged kids.

What's in it for your kids? This action-packed learning experience will teach them how to plant tomatoes, pumpkins, beans, and cucumbers using containers or pots, all while having lots of fun in the process.

Here's what to expect each week:

Week 1: What to Plant in Summer & Identifying Parts of a Plant 🌿

We'll kick off the course by learning about the best plants to grow during the summer season. Your child will become an expert in understanding the essential parts of a plant, such as the stem, root, leaf, and fruit, creating the perfect foundation for their gardening journey.

Week 2: Observation Skills in the Garden & Growing Tomatoes with Best Friends 🍅

In the second week, your child will develop keen observation skills, noticing the subtle changes in their garden. They'll also team up with a "best friend" from the course to learn the tricks of growing plump, juicy, and delicious tomatoes.

Week 3: All About Beans, Growing a Green Bean Tower, and All About Growing Cucumbers 🌱

Week three will have our little gardeners diving deep into the world of beans and cucumbers. Together, they'll grow a green bean tower and learn the secrets of cultivating mouth-watering cucumbers.

Week 4: All About Growing Pumpkins with a Challenge 🎃

Last but not least, week four will focus growing pumpkins. Your child will engage in a friendly pumpkin-growing challenge.

What are you waiting for? Buy now and watch this amazing 4-week course as you are ready to learn and grow summer veggies. Undoubtedly, it will be an unforgettable summer experience for you and your little gardener.

💻 Alicia DeVore's exclusive, easy-to-follow lesson downloads ensure that your child can access the course anytime and practice their newfound gardening skills at their own pace.

Gardening Through the Seasons - Summer

1 Lesson

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About the teacher

Alicia DeVore

Alicia has been teaching her whole life from elementary teacher to workshops for beginning gardeners. Go HERE to read Alicia's story into gardening from plant killer to pro grower and garden coach. If you want to send Alicia a quick message, then use her contact page HERE.

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