garden with your children

Want Something to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer?  Let's Grow Something in a Container.

If you don't have a garden but want to start learning or if you have a garden, but not sure what to do in it, then grab your kids and join this 4-week Summer gardening with kids online class

Fun and Educational

Families can spend quality time together so that learning can happen in a hands-on approach

Develop New Skills

Learn how to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans

Step by Step Instructions

fun, interactive activities on each card

What's Included

Learn about growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. Have fun learning how to grow with this hands-on course.

Weekly Videos

Follow along in these easy to follow videos of what to do and how to do it


I've created downloads that go along with each lesson that will help you and your kids learn more about gardening.  Checklists, information sheet, and journals are some of the things


I've broken the gardening process down into individual steps so you and your kids and actually learn and have fun while doing these projects

"We absolutely adore this! It's a fantastic activity for families and kids to bond over. Learning about fruits and veggies has sparked so many enriching conversations in our home—it's become a staple topic at our dinner table! It’s not only educational but also incredibly engaging and simple to follow. Truly awesome and a hit with the whole family!"



About Create My Garden

I'm Alicia, the Educator Behind Create My Garden

Hey there! I'm Alicia. I understand how hard it is to teach your kids healthy life skils into your everyday life. At Create My Garden, we believe in the power of hands-on learning. As a passionate advocate for child development, gardening, and bringing the learning outside, I hope to help you and your family engage with educational activities that encourage using gardening as a life skill and promote life learning. 

Alicia DeVore