Kitchen Garden Consultations

 Growing the Garden of Your Dreams

How does it Work

Step 1

Book your consultation. 

You will be contacted within 1-2 business days to set up a date to come to your house or set up a time to zoom the consultation. 

You will receive a questionnaire before the consultation to help in determining your needs, dreams, and wants for your existing or future garden. 

computer with plants on a white desk

Step 2

Alicia DeVore will come to your home or zoom for a 60-minute consultation time where you will:

  • Know where to place your future garden & recommended enhancements to an existing garden
  • Get a lesson on what to plant & when for each season
pic of alicia devore

Step 3

After the consultation, you will receive:

  • A drawing of the future or existing garden
  • A planting plan for the next season
  • You will decide on a DIY plan or a Kitchen Garden installation scheduled where Create My Garden will complete a garden for you
hand drawing a landscaping design

Step 4

Gardening will be a part of your everyday life: 

  • You will pick veggies and fruits out of your garden for you meals
  • You will have a space that is calming and beautiful
  • You have options for more support thru garden coaching, online courses, or monthly maintenance
l-shape raised garden bed with greens

Finally Get a Space Dedicated to YOU!

The Kitchen Garden is your space to find beauty, to watch in wonder as things grow.  

To find peace in a crazy world that doesn't make sense, but in your garden, there is a rhythm that is sweet & comforting. 

Walking out to your space, your garden for a few minutes a day to smell flowers, to pick herbs for dinner, to just breathe creates space for your heart to think & remember that you are worth it.

You are precious.  And you deserve a space just for you to enjoy.

Many people want a Garden but are not sure where to start.

measuring tape with garden bed
How can i help you?

I'm a kitchen garden coach and designer. I come to your house or meet with you on zoom so you can have a garden plan drawn out specifically for your needs. 

Simple process

If you ever want to start a garden, the process is really simple.

First, we have a 60-minute in-person or zoom meeting where I find out what your dream garden would look like. 

Second, you have the choice to have me come and install a fully customized garden or I give you a guide which you can implement at your own pace.  

In the third step, you get to decide what I can do for you next in gardening through courses, one-on-one coaching, or if you want a monthly garden service. 

three raised wood garden beds with summer veggies growing
With high food prices & less food available getting organic, fresh produce can be hard to do.  

My clients enjoy picking their own fresh, organic veggies, fruits, and herbs for meals and know where their food is coming from.  

They have a plan to keep their garden growing with food all year long never wondering if they will have enough. 

I’ve got time on my schedule to meet to talk about your future or existing kitchen garden.

Are you ready to start growing your own food? 

Kitchen Garden Consultation

60-minute Consultation for New Gardens

In Person or Remote

  • A time to dream about what you envision your garden to be for you
  • Walk the location to discuss the best placement of a future garden
  • A lesson about what to plant each season
  • Options for a full install or a plan to help you implement at your own pace



Existing Garden Consultation

60-minute Consultation for Existing Gardens

In Person or Remote

  • Assessment of existing garden
  • One-on-one time to ask gardening questions 
  • A planting plan designed specifically for your garden for the next season
  • A lesson about what to plant each season
  • Options for more support during each gardening season



About Alicia

Alicia got into gardening over 10 years ago in an attempt to teach her young kids where food came from & how to eat healthily.  But ended up learning that for herself as she has used gardening to bring health, life, beauty, and calm to her crazy life. 

Alicia leads others through the process of creating Kitchen Gardens to get results fast and grow in their knowledge and expertise quickly with her support.  Alicia's dream is to create health & beauty with simple steps in Kitchen Gardens in every backyard bringing joy & peace in the simplicity of watching things grow!