Thrive Bundle

Grow Herbal Loose-Leaf Tea and Never Buy it Again!

Enjoy the health benefits from herbal tea from your garden all year long by taking this course and growing five essential herbs in small spaces.

  • 5 short videos describing step by step how to grow the herbs you need to make your teas
  • Workbook with instructions and guides for planting and tracking your herbs
  • Herb Salt eBook - 3 salt herb recipes to keep your garden alive all year through spices
  • Tea Blending eBook - Includes 4 parts: Part 1: The Wonders of Loose Leaf Tea, Part 2: The Ultimate Tea Blending Checklist, Part 3: Two Signature Recipes, Part 4: Printable Gift Tags

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Buying Herbal Tea Can Get Expensive

And you're not sure if the health benefits are worth it. You've always wanted to grow your own tea, but you don't know where to start.

By growing your own loose-leaf tea, you'll have a continuous supply of fresh, organic tea that's healthier and cheaper than anything you can buy in stores. And since you'll be growing five different herbs, you'll enjoy a variety of flavors and health benefits all year long.

Learn how to grow your own herbal loose-leaf tea with Create My Garden! In just four short videos and a workbook, we'll teach you everything you need to get started. You'll have your very own.

Benefits of Loose-Leaf Tea

Learn about the health benefits of herbal tea and know what 5 different herbs can do for you. 

Grow What You Need

Save money on organic loose-leaf tea by growing your own. Dry and preserve to use later in the year. Use fresh herbs for tea as needed. 

Grow In Small Spaces

Grow five types of herbs in small spaces. Use the guides in this course to know what and how to plant, especially if you don't have much room. 

Harvest & Enjoy!

Enjoy a cup of tea made from your own garden. Get closer to nature by growing your own herbs.

Herb Salt eBook

Unleash your inner chef with this Herb Salt Making Guide! Why choose salt? It's nature's very own preservative! By integrating salt into herb recipes, you're enhancing flavor & extending their shelf life. Get started today. Let this guide be your companion on this flavorful journey. 3 salt herb recipes to keep your garden alive all year through spices.

Tea Blending eBook

Are you a tea enthusiast looking to elevate your gift-giving game? Or perhaps you're seeking a unique way to share the warmth and wellness of tea with friends and family? Look no further! Our latest eBook, is your guide to mastering the art of tea blending using two wonderful recipes

How It Works

Step 1

Part 1 of the course helps you find your why with growing your own loose-leaf tea & the benefits. 

mock up of part 1 of herbal tea course

Step 2

Part 2 shows you how to use a 5-part system to grow your herbs that is easy to do & maintain. 

part 2 of grow your own herb tea garden with mock ups

Step 3

Part 3 breaks down the 5 basic herbs to grow to make your own herb blends. 

part 3 with 5 herbs to grow

Step 4

Part 4 shows you how to harvest your herbs for fresh & dry tea blends with recipes. 

part 4 fresh or dry herbal tea mock up