4-Week Spring Gardening with Kids!

Week 1

Get ready to kick off the course with an internationally renowned expert Alicia DeVore as she demystifies the magical process of photosynthesis and shares the best plants to grow in the spring season.

Week 2

Discover the joy of growing peas and learn how to turn your everyday trash into a treasure trove of regrow able plants! Alicia will take your child through the ins and outs of sustainable gardening.

Week 3

Encourage your child to make the world a better place by growing a pollinator garden and planting spinach —a nutritious, tasty and eco-friendly addition to any home garden.

Week 4

In the grand finale, Alicia teaches your child how to attract beautiful hummingbirds and grow yummy strawberries at home!

4-week online spring gardening course designed specifically for elementary-aged kids, taught by experienced gardener and passionate educator Alicia DeVore


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Sign up now for our 4-week Spring Gardening Class and let your child experience the joy and satisfaction of nurturing their very own spring garden. With Alicia DeVore's guidance, your child's gardening prowess will surely blossom into a lifelong passion.