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Have you ever worked so hard to have a garden and all you see is yellow leaves and no veggies? I understand. That was me at the beginning of my gardening adventures.

Having tools, systems, and garden products that help your plants to have vigorous growth in the garden will make all the difference in creating a successful gardening experience. I have found that using the right stuff makes gardening easier and fun. Read the rest of this post to find out about one specific tool for gardening that has been a game changer.

Even though I was using the right organic soil blend, organic compost, and worm tea, it wasn’t until I started using an organic root stimulant, that builds the roots of my garden plants and promotes healthy root development, that I saw amazing growth happen in my garden season after season.

In this blog post, I am going to share 5 Reasons why using root growth stimulators for plant growth is essential in your garden. And then I’m going to share my favorite root builder product so that you can enjoy this growth in your garden too.

Making Gardening Easier

A home garden can be a lot of work. So let’s make it easier. A root builder can help you get the best results with less work by adding it for starting seeds, growing seedlings, transplanting, and continued growth & production of the plants in my vegetable garden.

The first time I tried using a root stimulator, called Organic REV, in my home garden, I saw immediate positive results.

My seedlings were taller and greener within a few days of applying the root stimulator. Applying it to existing roots strengthened them, promoted new root growth, and gave them new branches and hairs. I used it again, just to test it out on a set of tomato transplants going into my summer garden and had a beautiful jungle of health and green with lots of fruit staring at me all summer long.

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Natural Support for Root Growth

My plants thrived being supported at the root level by having healthier root systems. And the energy it took to add a root builder to my garden growing was little compared to the results.

Using a root stimulator is essential if you’re looking to produce healthier plants in your garden. By stimulating the growth of new roots using trace elements and mycorrhizal fungi, you’ll give your plants a stronger foundation and help them grow more productively.

There are many different types of root stimulators on the market, so it can be tough to know which one to choose. Let’s discuss the five main reasons why using a root stimulator is a wise decision for any gardener. And finally, we will take a look at what root stimulator I will always have on hand to use for my year-round garden.

5 Reasons Why Using a Root Stimulator for Plant Growth is Essential:

  1. Root stimulators help to encourage early root formation and promote a strong root system. This happens by increasing root mass to build healthy root systems, which are crucial for plant growth. (site REV)

  2. Organic root stimulators contain hormones, including rooting hormone, that are safe to use to promote root growth.

  3. Planting new plants is always a bit of a risk, as they can experience transplant shock. However, using a root stimulator can help to reduce the risk of transplant shock and encourage healthy root growth.

  4. Using a plant stimulant can save you money in the long run, as your plants are stronger and more productive. You need fewer plants & space to produce more.

  5. Helps to improve soil biology. With healthy soil biology, plants can fight disease & insects and grow stronger.

For vigorous plant growth, I have found one organic plant root builder that has worked so well for my garden, I won’t go without it. It’s called Organic REV. Find out more about this product below.

How to Know What to Root Builder to Use: 

There are several products that all share some of the same qualities of being a good root stimulator. But one organic root stimulator stands out far above the rest.

In choosing a root builder, you want a root stimulator that has humic acid/amino acids as active ingredients. Choosing the right root stimulants can make a significant difference in plant growth. A rich source of humic acid and naturally occurring forms of carbon are also beneficial to your garden. I also like it when the root stimulator is in liquid form. It makes it easier to apply and I can dilute it to make it last longer.

After testing REV out for the past two years in my fall, spring, and summer gardens, I find that Organic REV is the only root stimulator that I will consistently use because of the immediate growth in my garden, I use it during extreme weather changes of excessive heat and through very cold temperatures is dependent on the health of the roots attached to my plants for longer plant life.

“Organic REV combines organic and naturally occurring carbon, humic and fulvic acids and beneficial microbials – all essential to plant AND soil health. What Is Organic REV? An Expert Explains Growth Stimulants. – OrganicRev

I don’t mind paying for Organic REV. It feels like my garden pays me back times 10 in production, beauty, and strength.

5 reasons using root stimulator for plants growth is essential

When should a root stimulant like REV be used?

Use Organic REV, root stimulator during each planting phase:

First thing**, starting seeds** for new growth is a great use of a root builder. Use by mixing with the soil before planting your seeds.

Seedlings– Add a tablespoon of REV to a gallon of water and spray the foliage. I find that this works best in cool weather and not with herbs.

Transplanting Seedlings into the garden during planting time. When transplanting, mix with water and use as a root drench when transplanting new plants into the garden. Dip the roots in REV then plant them in a planting hole. Applying the root stimulator around the plant’s root zone can promote quick root system development and enhance resistance to pests and diseases.

Continued root growth & plant development throughout the plant’s growing season for strong roots, just add a tablespoon of REV to a gallon of water and water at the base of the plants.

Make sure to follow the package directions on how much to use. Never use too much because the results will not be the same. A little goes a long way.

Other types of plants to use with Organic REV:

  • Fruit trees

  • House plants

  • Lawns

(I have not personally used Organic REV for any of these, so I cannot tell you how it performs).

When NOT to Use REV:

Do not use it on the foliage of herbs either by spraying or small doses of REV diluted in a gallon of water and feeding around a plant. Herbs that I have sprayed REV with or if I have used the dilation and gotten any REV on the leaves seem to burn the leaves.

For vegetable and fruit plants, spraying the leaves has not been an issue, UNLESS it is over 85 degrees outside. The REV dilated with water on leaves is not a good combination.

REV should be applied at the base of plants at any temperature and will add great things to the soil and not hurt the plant but help it. Using the root stimulator in poor or compacted soil can help plants branch out their roots more quickly, promoting better growth and oxygen absorption.

In Conclusion:

Having vigorous, producing plants in my vegetable & fruit garden is a major goal I have for each season of growing because I need fewer plants since the ones I have are producing more. By using a root stimulator and specifically, Organic REV, I know that I am giving my plants stronger root development and support they need to grow successfully. This is particularly beneficial for plant propagation, as it promotes strong root development in new plants.

Getting the benefits of improving soil, increasing my plant’s production, and improving my plant’s ability to utilize nutrients and water is worth the extra cost of the product and the time the application process takes through the different phases of growth.

Using a growth stimulator makes gardening easier and more productive in the long run. I highly recommend adding Organic REV to your regular gardening season habits during the seed sprouting period and through the production period of your plant life.

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