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5 Types of Moms Who Will Love Create My Garden

Welcome to Create My Garden. I'm so glad that you are here.  I want to share with you 5 types of moms who will love this blog and website Create My Garden

There's a lot of tired moms out there. I'm one of them. I get it. Dishes, laundry, taking the kids to where they need to go, it all takes a lot of energy. And to think about adding a new skill to the mix sounds even more tiring. 

So why would I even bring up gardening to a tired mom?

Because a small garden can become a sweet space to get refreshed. When I was at my most exhausted point in life, we were fostering a baby, I had a very challenging 3-year-old, and I was trying to learn how to homeschool my oldest, I needed a space that was a safe space, a place that I didn't have anyone talking to me. I could start to hear my own thoughts from a crazy day of helping everyone else. 

I want to make gardening simple for busy, tired mamas. And that's what this blog & website are here to do. Serve you, to have simple systems to be able to garden so that it doesn't take more out of you, but that gardening would give back to refresh you

Whether it’s with videos, downloads, freebies, courses, or if you need someone to walk through your garden in-person or on zoom through a garden consultation, I'm here for you. 

So, let's take a look at who these 5 types of moms are that will love Create My Garden and figure out if any of them match where you are at in life. 

You are in the right place if you:

#1 Are a Mom with No Green Thumb

When I first got married over 24 years ago, I wanted to grow something in our little apartment in Los Angeles. I had no experience with growing things, but who can’t grow a houseplant? Umm, that would be me. I killed every house plant within a few months. 

I put that gardening thing to the side, just figuring that I didn’t have a green thumb. Ever felt like that for yourself?

I believe that with the Simple Gardening Method, a 4-part system, anyone can garden, and everyone can have the confidence to start. That green thumb is there just for you. 

#2 Have kids & you want them to garden

My oldest son, 10 years ago, said to me, “Mom, I want to learn how to garden.” All I could think of was, oh no, I’m just going to kill things. 

I needed a place to start. I had no friends who gardened. I had no experience of growing a garden. I could have used support and that’s why I’m here. To help you start or keep a garden going with your kids. 

Learning that skill of gardening is not done in one moment of time, but throughout the seasons. Having someone to go along with you through the gardening seasons makes the learning happen more quickly & your confidence with grow, just like your garden. 

And to have your kids learn alongside you is just pretty cool. I want that for you. 

#3 If you don’t know where or how to start a garden

Like a said before, I didn’t have a starting point. I asked my husband to put together some boards to make a few raised beds. We ordered soil to be delivered to our house, and the gardening adventure failure began.

Within a few months, all the plants in our little garden turned yellow. The soil company explained that they had forgotten to add nitrogen to the soil. What? I had no idea what they were talking about. But I went to the local plant nursery & bought a package that said nitrogen on it and I added it to the soil. 

I threw in seeds for the fall into the garden beds for one last attempt and you know what happened? Everything grew. It was amazing. I was hooked and wanted to learn more.

Taking a look at where you live, the climate, the space you have, and coming up with creative ideas to have a garden is what makes Create My Garden a resource in helping you to have a starting point.

Check out the blog post I wrote about gardening in small spaces

#4 If you don’t have time for complicated gardening

Create My Garden is here to bring fun, easy ways to start gardening with your kids. I will have freebies & ideas ready for you to use in starting or keeping your garden going. 

As a busy mom, this blog is here to encourage you in easy ways to garden.

Garden Hacks to help you make the most of your time. I hate wasted time. So, I plan on bringing you freebies, plans, systems that simplify your gardening process.

Spending hours working the soil or hours of watching YouTube with all different gardening info. is not what I will be sharing here. 

Your time is precious. Let's make the most of it with great info. and simple ways to make that learning happen in the garden. 

#5 You want your kids to connect with nature instead of devices

Screen time is an issue. Getting my kids off of devices and outside is a real thing. The benefits of sun, being outside, watching things grow are all crucial in helping the brain to develop. 

Creating spaces that have purpose & meaning can happen in the garden.  Planting seedlings together, watching it grow, harvesting, & cooking it together are all creating memories & spaces for you to just be with your kids.

No distractions, just a time to connect & talk while you are creating a garden space together.

The garden can give you the space needed to connect together as a family. And I know when I get time to sit & drink my coffee alone in the garden space, I get refreshed and able to connect to my own heart to then connect with others. 

kids gardening in LA

Our first garden fail. But my kids loved it, and we took our experiences and grew our garden & our family through gardening together.

Get 2 activities to Garden with your Kids

Make the transition to starting to grow things together easy with these 2 free activities. Get weekly freebies & offers to help you make gardening easy. 

fun guide with kids

Let's Make Gardening Easy for YOU. 

Thank you for visiting. I hope that one of these reasons matches you. Leave a comment and let me know what a simple garden could do for you.

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