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My Audience deserves my Help in the Garden.

I want to help my audience to know how to garden, and have the choice to garden with their kids to create a space that their family can enjoy through each season of life. I want to help my audience garden using the Simple Gardening Method that will help bring success whether they are a beginner or advanced gardener.

And this is how I want to help you in the garden: 

1. Help comes through providing easy to follow gardening guides, checklist, & videos to make learning fun.

When I watch a gardening You Tube video and feel more confused than when I started or when I download a garden e-book and everything feels complicated, I don't want to keep looking or reading, I just want to quit. 

Can I hear an amen?! 

My goal is to provide information that you understand and actually implement in the garden. I want you to get just enough information, not to be overwhelmed, but to feel encouraged as you build up your knowledge base through gardening steps. 

Because of this, I provide checklists for each season, things to do with your kids in the garden, & easy systems that help you stay on track & not overwhelmed by gardening. 

Sign up for my email list, where I share a pro tip and freebies each week to help simplify gardening for you.  And by signing up for the email list, you also get a freebie to do 2 activities that will start you gardening with kids. Quick win for you and your kids with little effort. 

2. I want to recommend the best gardening tools and books. 

I have spent too much money on gardening tools that have been a total waste. I don't want that for you. Take my mistakes & I'll share the tools that have helped me, and I know will help you garden more successfully.

The time I bought a watering hose that was supposed to be flexible to move around, ended up getting holes all over it because being flexible meant that the material wasn't built to last. Note to self, get a solid hose that will last while being dragged through the yard. I will never be buying something that doesn't last longer than a few gardening seasons & I won't share things with you that I haven't already tested out in my own garden. 

There is no time to add to frustrating experiences in the garden, having the right tools can save hours. I will also be sharing gardening books and tools that help you on a weekly basis. Check out my post on the top gardening books, especially for beginners. 

Container garden on the side of our raised beds with fruit trees along the back fence in our tiny backyard many years ago.

3. I want to help parents enjoy and relax in the garden with their kids by keeping gardening simple. 

Watching that first seed pop up out of the ground is magical. Then watching that sprout grow with leaves and get bigger is fascinating and helps to slow the business of life down. Picking that first small, ripe tomato, and tasting it as it squirts out can be one of the most refreshing, fun gardening experiences. 

And that's what a garden does, it gives you a place to provide cool, educational, relaxing life experiences. The best part is, is that you get to learn & grow in the garden together. And you get to be watching, like in an audience, the things that bring joy to your kids. 

My youngest son has autism. He has a hard time going to restaurants, parks with lots of kids, or other people's homes for dinner. He is scared of sounds. He is scared of the unpredictable things in life. 

Going out to the garden for him each day, even for just a few minutes gives him vitamin D from the sun, his bare feet are touching the dirt and grounding him, and he often will connect with me and help me carry things from the garden to the house with no sensory issues. 

The garden is a safe space for his body to relax and regain calm. 

The same thing happens to me. When I go out to the garden and I see my 12-year-old, who is stressed out with anxiety most times of the day start to relax & connect with himself and me, I start to relax as I watch him enjoy the garden. 

The feeling of seeing your kids relax when they put their hands in the soil. That sense that everyone is breathing easier, being outside with no outside pressure, no screen time to distract from connection to self and others is invaluable. And you get to be front seat for it all. 

I offer a 12-week online class for families to learn to garden together. The course takes a beginner & teaches the basics of success in a Simple Gardening Method. Sign up to find out when the course will be open next HERE. By the end of 12-weeks, you will have a garden growing and harvesting from and the confidence to keep it going. 

4. I want to create a space for busy Moms to know that they can grow in confidence into becoming a gardener. 

I want to create a community full of busy moms who want to garden easily. There is a system for everything to bring simplicity to life. By bringing you step by step guidelines, checklists, videos, & even live calls, you will get you the information and help in becoming a confident gardener. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to walk into your backyard or balcony and harvest food for dinner? How about having your kids run outside to find & eat organic veggies & fruits right off of the vine? Can you imagine knowing what to grow, how to grow it, & doing it all with confidence?

The time spent together learning an amazing skill is worth it. And you don't have to do it alone. I'm here for you. Sign up for a gardening with kids' freebie and receive a weekly email with gardening tips, free resources for each month, and opportunities to learn more. 

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