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That feeling that you get when you have the right thing to make life easier. That sense of accomplishment you have when you can get your work done quicker because of what you are using to get it done.

When I first started gardening, I used the basics, a small shovel, a watering can, and a hose. As gardening has become a part of my everyday life, I have become much pickier and needy when it comes to the right gardening tools to make gardening easier.

This gardening gift guide for gardeners makes it easy to find gift ideas for those garden lovers in your life. Take a look at this list and start giving to your gardener from an understanding of what they need, even before they know they need it.

Your Favorite Gardener

Let your favorite gardener know that you want them to have the easiest and best tools for this next season of gardening. Picking gifts from a gift guide lets that person know that they deserve a thoughtful gift, and you took the time to find out what favorite tools are needed for the gardener in your life.

The world is better with tools. I’m not talking power tools; I’m talking tools to make gardening easier. And today, I have a list of items that will be useful gifts for the gardener that you can use for Christmas or any occasion for the best gifts for gardeners. Take a look at the 30 best and useful gift ideas to buy gardeners.

30 best & useful gift ideas to buy gardeners
Gift Guide for Gardeners

Basic Garden Supplies

Sun Hat

Getting some vitamin D is a great reason to garden. That extra sunlight helps us sleep and function all day. But too much can make gardening hard.

Watering Can

A watering can is a tool that is used to water plants. It is made of metal or plastic and has a spout and a handle. The handle allows the user to grip it tightly and the spout is used to direct the water towards the plants. Some watering cans come with a sprinkler head that can be attached to the spout, which helps distribute water evenly over a large area. Make sure the spout stays on securely and won’t pop off when you are trying to water. That can be super annoying.

Even with irrigation, I need a large watering can that hold at least two or more quarts of water. I use this to add organic fertilizer and root builder, called REV into my water and then add to the garden every few weeks as added support to the plant’s growth. Here is an article about the amazing effects of the root builder, REV.

Garden Hose and Nozzle

A hose is an essential tool that helps gardeners water their plants. A hose allows gardeners to easily go to different parts of the garden and a nozzle helps control the amount of water being used and can help prevent over-watering and under-watering with great control using different settings on the sprayer.

Choose a hose that is durable and won’t get punctured by rocks or sharp things in the garden area. I got a hose one time that was a lightweight hose made of a softer material that was easy to move around the yard, but within a few days of using for only a few minutes a day, the hose had holes in it.

Gardening Gloves

It can be extremely easy to ruin several pairs of inexpensive gardening gloves over the course of an entire season. An avid gardening fan will appreciate gloves that can last throughout the season.

A nice pair of gardening gloves are a gardeners must-have item. They help gardeners protect their hands from hazards such as thorns and weeds, while keeping them comfortable at the same time. Look for gloves that are breathable, lightweight and durable so gardeners can keep their hands protected while they garden.


Supports for the Vegetable Patch

Tomato Cage

Tomato cages are needed if you are growing plants that need the upright support, so they don’t fall over. Having a tall tomato cage will help the gardener to be able to trim, harvest, and support their plants for the whole season.

You can also use supporting sticks with a circle at the top to help keep plants upright that don’t need the full support of a tomato cage. These work well with peppers and eggplants.


When I first started gardening, many moons ago, I had the basic gardening set up. I didn’t know I was missing out of gardening beauty, until I saw an arch artistically displayed in a kitchen garden.

When I saw this arch, it had small tomato branches wrapped around it and the branches and the tomatoes meet at the top. The arch provided a sense of structure and beauty to the garden.

The purpose of an arch is twofold:

1. It adds support to plants as they grow

2. It gives a garden an elegant structure of beauty that makes you want to go into it as much as possible.


A trellis is a structure that provides extra support for plants, such as vines, fruits, and vegetables. Unlike arches or other supports, a trellis is not just for decoration. It adds extra needed vertical support to the garden that goes straight up and down.

Garden Furniture

Most gardeners love sitting to enjoy their garden. This is one of the best gift ideas for your plant lover. To be able to sit and space to enjoy a beautifully designed space is an avid gardener dream. A bench is a welcoming place for family members to come and enjoy the garden space too. I recommend a metal bench because it can withstand the outdoor weather.

What to Grow In

Garden Raised Beds

Raised garden beds are an ideal solution for gardeners who want to grow a variety of plants in limited space. Raised garden beds provide gardeners with the option to customize their garden to better suit their needs and preferences.

They are also a perfect solution for gardeners who want to create healthy soil, as they can be filled with garden-specific soil that is tailored to the garden’s environment. With garden raised beds, gardeners can easily control drainage and access during maintenance, making gardening easier and more efficient.

Also, the quality of the garden bed is important. My recommendation is the Vego Garden Bed. I have 2 in my garden and have loved the ease of set up and the quality.

Vertical Planters

Vertical planters have allowed me to garden more throughout the year. Having a vertical planter close to my home, lets me have access to herbs & veggies even when the weather is too hot of too cold.

I use 5 vertical planters called Greenstalks that have helped me to continue gardening throughout the year. Here is an article on a Greenstalk with more information.

Vertical planters are an excellent tool for gardeners who want to maximize the use of their space. Vertical planters have a variety of benefits that make them ideal for gardeners who don’t have much garden space or those looking to get creative with their garden design.


Planters are an ideal solution for gardeners who want to grow a variety of plants in limited space. Garden planters provide gardeners with the flexibility to customize their garden design and better suit their needs and preferences.

A garden planter is essentially a container that can be filled with soil, compost, and provides gardeners with an easy way to garden in a raised bed or container.

Decorations Gifts

Enhancing gardens in an atmosphere that welcomes pollinators and others is an avid gardener’s dream. These are my favorite things to bring more birds into the garden.

Bird Feeder and Hummingbird Feeder

Birds can help you maintain a healthy growing space by consuming harmful insects. To increase bird activity, buy a bird feeder or have a bird bath. There are many types of bird feeders and bird baths, so pick one that fits your yard and is easy to fill up.

Hummingbirds are my favorite flying creatures to watch. I can sit at my window and watch the sweet calm of a hummingbird drinking food from a feeder. Find a feeder that is easy to put up and fill frequently. I like the look of the glass hummingbird feeders and they seem to last longer than the plastic-type feeders.

More Essential Garden Gifts

Plant Labels

Plant labels are a useful gift for gardeners of all levels. As one of the best gardening gifts, the labels can help gardeners quickly identify the different types of plants in their garden and keep track of the progress of each plant.

Labels are also a good way to preserve memories from your gardening, so when you look back on your garden in a few years’ time you can see which plants were planted and how they have grown.

A soil-testing kit for a good harvest

Many new gardeners try growing their own food but are discouraged after a lackluster crop season. The soil is probably needing help and more nutrients. A soil sample is the most effective tool to identify plant needs. This sample kit is a great choice because you send in the sample, and they give you an email with the computer results and give different ways to add missing nutrients.

A Kneeler

Kneeling can be hard on your knees when you are in the garden for a long period of time. Any type of cushioning can help keep the gardening going. A kneeler is a great gift idea for gardeners who want to make their gardening experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

A Collapsible Greenhouse

A collapsible greenhouse is a great gift for gardeners, as it provides them with a convenient way to extend their growing season and protect their plants from outdoor elements.

This type of structure is easy to set up and take down, making it an ideal choice for gardeners on-the-go. It also has the benefit of being energy-efficient, as it uses natural light to provide gardeners with optimal growing conditions.

I put mine up in spring to add my spring seedlings outside before putting them fully in the garden. The flexibility of using this product helps me to extend my garden season.

Shears or Hand Trimmers

Shears are an incredibly useful tool for gardeners of all levels and make a great gift. They can be used to cut, prune, trim, and shape all sorts of plants, shrubs, and trees with precision and accuracy.

Shears come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you gardener is trimming heavy perennials than choose a style that will be easy to use with thicker limbs. If using for harvesting herbs and greens than a smaller pair works well and is easy to bring in the house to clean.

Harvest Baskets or Traditional Garden Trug

How many times have I gone out to my garden to just see what was growing to suddenly realize there were things to harvest, and I had no place to put the harvest in besides my pockets.

During this holiday season, give the perfect gift to your favorite gardener a tool to hold the harvest. It makes harvesting even more fun with a space to put your goods into and it saves time as all of it can go in one place and easy to bring into the house.

Gardening Apparel


Clothes like overalls are a great addition to any gardener’s wardrobe. Overalls not only provide gardeners with protection from hazards such as thorns, brambles and mud splashes but also help keep gardeners cool in the hot summer months.

They are lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for long sessions. I personally love the look of overalls and bought a few pairs to wear all year round in the garden.

Boots or Shoes

Boots or shoes are an essential garden gift for gardeners of any experience level. Not only do they provide much-needed protection against thorns and other sharp objects, but they also offer gardeners much-needed stability, cushioning, and support while gardening.

The right type of boots should be able to withstand wear and tears while providing gardeners with comfortable, cushioned support.

Knowing that I have a pair of clogs or shoes to slip on to go to the garden makes it easier to get in the garden. Leaving these shoes outside means that I can get dirty and muddy and have fun without worrying about my shoes.

Indoor Seed Starting

A Grow Light for Indoor Plants or House Plants

Gardeners can begin gardening by planting seeds outside well before winter’s last frost. It blends style and function to ensure optimal germination at the beginning of the growing cycle.

A grow light for inside germination will help seeds to sprout and you can start your garden before needing to plant outside. Check out this blog on seed starting to know more of what products are needed.

Grow Heating Mat

A garden heating mat is a great tool for gardeners because it can help to maximize seedling success in the garden. The heat generated by the mat helps provide optimal soil temperature for quicker germination and faster growth of seedlings.

This means gardeners can have an earlier start to their season and grow more during the year.

Gardening Journal

A garden journal makes a thoughtful gift for gardeners because it helps them keep track of all the important details, they need to know in order to have a successful gardening season.

A journal allows gardeners to easily take notes and record what’s happening in their garden. This can include information about when plants were planted, when they germinated and what kind of care they were given. This can be one of the best gift ideas.

Online Courses that You Can Do in a Weekend

I have 4 online courses that are great gifts for gardeners and will help you or your gardener to move to the next level of gardening and give resources to make it easier are like having a gardening friend alongside you:

Planning your Spring Garden in Winter– Dreaming of a spring garden but don’t know where to start? Let’s plan your spring in the cold of winter.

  1. Information on how to plan spring with important dates for the season

  2. How do determine what to grow and what you want to grow

  3. How to have the set up ready for spring

  4. A guide to help you know how to plant seeds and seedlings for the season

mock up of digital product called plan out spring garden in winter

Plant a Garden in a Weekend

Using a vertical planter & this online course, planting couldn’t be easier. 

  1. With Short videos that show you how to make it easy to grow especially in a small space

  2. Weekend project win to starting a garden

  3. Finish it in less than an hour

  4. Downloads to help know what to plant for every season

  5. After following this course, you will save you time and build confidence

plant a vertical garden in a weekend mock up with download and computer in background

Simple Gardening Method- 4 Part System

This 4-part system will give you all the basics to grow a successful garden. 

With this knowledge and gardening tips, you will be able to create a thriving vegetable garden – without any guesswork. All you need is this video and the downloads to set up for success.

  1. 19 Pages with guide and workbook

  2. Short video to use with guide

  3. Best Location Guide & worksheets

  4. Watering Basics Guide

  5. Guide to finding your seasons by using the temperature as a guide

  6. Calendar to Plan your seasons

  7. Goal Worksheets

  8. Confidence with the best set up for success

simple gardening method 4-part system mock up

Step by Step Guide to Gardening in 10 Minutes a Day

You don’t have to spend hours every day working to get great results. All you need is 10 minutes a day to get the job done quickly and easily.

  1. Decide on the purpose

  2. Systemized approach to gardening through the seasons

  3. Planting plans for each season

  4. Habit trackers to efficiently track what to do

10 min. step by step gardening online course

By gifting one of these courses, you could be starting a new pathway of understanding for those that you want to love.

Creative Gifts for Gardeners

Gardening is a unique hobby because it allows gardeners to be creative and productive at the same time. It’s also a great way to get outside and enjoy nature.

Buying gifts for green thumb gardeners can be fun because there are so many different items and gadgets that they can use in their garden. From watering cans to clogs, there’s something for everyone. Gardeners will love any gift that helps them with their gardening projects.

Consider these gardening gifts to make their time easier and more enjoyable. I would have loved having someone take the time to find out what would make it easier for me as a gardener. Use this list of 30 best gifts for gardeners to know what a perfect gift for the gardener in your life will be.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to gift a person who loves gardening?

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that can bring joy to any garden lover, so why not give them something special?

To make gardening easier, there are some great gifts for gardeners that will help them in their green-fingered endeavors. From gardening tools and structures to seed starters and protection to online courses, there’s gardening gifts available for gardeners of all ages and abilities.

What are the Best Gifts for Gardeners as a Mom?

Gardening presents are the perfect way to show your appreciation for the mom gardener. Sometimes a mom wants to garden with her kids and sometimes she wants the peace of gardening alone and the peace keeps her sane when the household is crazy.

Whether you are looking for gardening tools or online courses, you have so many best gift options listed in this post. Check them out and see what your mommy gardener would like best in this point of gardening and if she is gardening with family or solo helps you to pick out the right gift.

What to can I put in a gift box?

There are some best gifts for gardeners that will make their garden work easier. From garden tools to gardening books, there are a variety of garden-themed items that can be used as gifts. Check out 23 Gardening books I recommend HERE.

Decide your price point of how much you want to spend & then take a look at the list to see what fits your budget and create a fantastic gift. Adding in a great gardening book is always a great idea too.

What does every dedicated gardener need?

The right tools make gardening so much more enjoyable. And gardeners will love any gift that makes their it easier to manage. The list above will start with the best gift ideas that include basic tools, courses, and other unique options for the more seasoned gardener.

What do beginner gardeners need?

A garden can be a great way to enjoy nature whether you have a green thumb or not, but it takes a lot of work. Having the right garden tools is essential for any aspiring gardener.

For those who are just starting, the best gifts I recommend to make gardening easier are a hat, shovel, hose, watering can, and hose end sprayer. With these essential tools, you can have the start of a wonderful gardening experience.

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