Simple Steps to Gardening Success

Ready to take your gardening game to the next level with help? 

What Would Help You Garden?

Pick a pathway to creating a garden. 

Finding Time

Is it hard to find time to garden? Here are tips and shortcuts to make vegetable gardening easier. Check out this section to find out how to find time to garden. 

 Gaining Knowledge

Not sure how to create a garden? You are in the perfect place. Check out the resources to help you become a confident gardener.

Finding the Space

No space to garden? Let's explore different ways that you can grow especially in small spaces. Use the information here to have a small vegetable garden of your own.

Family Fun

Have you dreamed of learning how to garden with your kids? How about giving them the skill of gardening? Get hands on help & plant a garden in 12 weeks as a family.

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alicia and neighborhood kids in garden planting spring

Alicia's garden started with her kids.......

Many years ago, my oldest son was 10 years old. He wanted to start a garden. I was a tired, busy, homeschooling foster mama. I didn't have time, space, or knowledge to start my garden. 

But I said yes to the best experience of learning, loving, & growing as a family in the garden. 

Thanks for being here. I hope that the resources will give you encouragement to know that you can do this gardening thing too.

Do you need One-on-One Garden Time? 

Try a Kickstart Consultation!

Get expert knowledge & your questions answered so that growing a garden is no longer a mystery. This one-on-one session will accelerate your garden growth with systemized help from Alicia, a garden designer. 

We focus on:

Your Needs

Your Space

Your Time

- Know the 4 essential components of setting your garden space and find out what you need for success.

- Know what grows in each season so you don't waste time and resources on things that will never grow.

-Receive a setup checklist and planting plan specific to your garden needs so that you can manage your garden with ease and confidence. 

Four Freebies to Help you Get Started

7 Secrets to Gardening

 7 Top Secrets to Achieving Gardening Success

7 secret mock up
Seasonal Planting Plans

A Garden Layout for Each Season of Gardening

Herb Growing Guide

Herb Guide to Use Today for Easy Growing

3 Garden Themes for Kids

3 Different Themed Kids Gardens to Do With Your Kids 

materials in 3 gardens with kids

Create Your Best Gardening Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

8 Best Veggies for the Garden: Healthiest Vegetables to Grow

Uncover the Unexpected Health Benefits of Gardening for Mind and Body

Find Out What You Can Do Today To Improve Your Gardening Skills! Get personalized tips by taking the gardening quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a green thumb. How do I keep a garden alive?

With the right set up: 1. raised garden beds in the right location 2. organic soil where you can plant roots in garden soil 3. watering system 4. plants in the right season 5. and a coach helping you along each season there is only room for success.

I believe that everyone has a green thumb. You just haven’t had the chance to have the right elements to make success happen, but you can! From flowering plants to growing root veggies, start your gardening experience here. 

Check out this blog post or this post for recommended gardening books. And if you are ready to plant seedlings into your garden bed, check out this article on how to do this successfully. 

How will I know what to do in the vegetable garden?

There are lots of ways to move your garden dreams into reality. From tall plants to when to know when to plant growing your own food. You can make your garden dreams happen.

Sign up for a FREE 15-min. dream to garden call with me and let's see what your needs are as a gardener. And check out this blog post on 10 minute gardening. 

I also have online mini courses that you can take on your own. You can use the courses to log into your account and start learning and growing. If you want to get your family into gardening, then check out the Simple Gardening Method with Kids Course with zoom.

I send out a monthly newsletter with a checklist of what to do each month so you can log in activities to help your garden grow. And you can always shoot me an email or message on @createmygarden.

How much time will I have to put into a garden?

Life is busy, that’s why growing with a simple system will help to achieve your gardening goals. 

Growing in small spaces and maximizing that grow space is a key to growing in just 10 minutes a day.

Plant flowers, veggies, fruits, and herbs and enjoy a garden that brings you life and joy without much work. 

Grab a freebie to start seeing what a reality in your garden can be. Or check out this mini course on growing in a vertical planter. 

How will I know how to garden if I don't live close to you? 

I offer 45-minute zoom consultations that will kickstart you into having a garden. In this consultation, you will get a planting plan for the next growing season, a resource page specifically for you and your garden needs to make it easier to know what to get, and a kickstart garden packet to know what to do in a step by step format. I will be your social network in the gardening area of life. 

You can be from anywhere in the world and be able to receive the help you need to get your garden growing. Check out the consult HERE

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